Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lily and I’m a 25-year-old girl from the land of ABBA, fermented herring and meatballs.  The blog is my personal cyberspace journal where I can share snippets of my everyday life with family and friends around the globe. I’ll also write about my interests such as traveling. Before and during my travels I’ve been reading many travel blogs and I want to contribute with my thoughts and recommendations to other adventurous backpackers. I’ve been traveling in Africa, Australia, Central America, Europe and the United States. My next trip is to Uganda where I’ll be doing gorilla trekking!

An important event that’s happening in my life at the moment is the preperation of moving back to Australia during the Summer of 2018 to be with my boyfriend. How does it work with visas? What should I bring to the other side of the world? How do you mentally prepare to leave your home, family and friends? These questions are some examples of what I’ll be sharing with you on the blog. 

Here are some other important things in my life.


I love using my feet. Hiking in mountains and forests, taking relax strolls in cities, running with music in my ears, pretty much anything that keeps my feet working. I believe there’s a reason why I was born with big feet.


Fleur. She’s a 13-year-old Papillon and even though she’s an old furball I usually bring her with me on hikes and other exciting stuff. She loves her blanket and there’s nothing she hates more than cats and magpies. Maybe bathing? So don’t throw magpies at her while she’s getting a bath. 



Music is a big part of my life. I do volunteer work at the local blues club here in Borås called Cookin’. Great musicians and people! The video is from Cookin’ when Big Creek Slim was playing. This is the kind of blues I love.


Now you know a little bit more about me and hopefully you’ll enjoy the mix of stuff I’ll be posting here on the blog. Because of work, bad weather, hangovers, etc etc etc I might not be the most effective blogger, but I’ll definitely give this a try! Have a great Monday everyone!

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