The waterfalls of the fjord

Don’t go chasing waterfalls. The words of wisdom from TLC. But this doesn’t apply to the Geirangerfjord, which is surrounded by a dozen beautiful waterfalls. People are prepared to walk for hours to get to them and it’s definitely worth it. Don’t cross the rivers, use bridges instead. That’s my wisdom I want to share. Too many tourists have underestimated the powers of streaming water and fallen over the edges. Be nature smart and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls!

River running through the city of Geiranger. The staircase with its 327 steps is a nice way to get a close (and wet) look of the river and small waterfall. Even though this hike is not as spectacular as the other ones, you’ll get a good view of the fjord while listening to the roaring sound of the river.


Storseterfossen is one of my favourite waterfalls in Geiranger. There’s a beautiful hike trail to the waterfall which I consider to be rather easy for anyone who has done a little bit of hiking in their lifetime (this does not include strolls in city parks which some tourists may think). When reaching Storseterfossen, you can walk behind the waterfall and see it from it’s backside (first picture in this post). If your legs don’t feel tired enough to walk back home you can continue the hike by following the river up the valley, which I highly recommend!

You can see some of the most famous waterfalls in the Geirangerfjord if you go by boat or kayak. One of them is The Seven Sisters. Seven smaller streams becomes this beautiful veil of water. On the opposite side, there’s a waterfall named The Proposer. If you’re interested in getting a fantastic view of the Seven Sisters, I recommend renting a kayak or hiking to the abandoned farm Skageflå. If you want less adventure, there’s a nice sightseeing boat departuring from the city center a couple of times per day during the high season (summer).

Now it’s time for me to start planning and preparing for one of the most important holidays in Sweden: Midsummer!

Have a great Wednesday!

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