Van Gogh, animal rescue and Monday interview

Happy, rainy Monday from Brisbane! It has been pouring down since early this morning and there’s a big pile of water on the ground floor in our apartment building. Rain season is definitely here and according to the weather forecast, it’ll be raining the whole week.
Luckily, we made it home from Rainbow Beach yesterday before all the storms and everything is relatively dry. Today I’ll be organising all the photos from the weekend, but will share photos from two weekends ago (plus a Monday).
We visited the Van Gogh Alive exhibition.
It was a sort of presentation showcasing van Gogh’s artwork and briefly giving you a hint into Vincent’s life by adding snippets from his diary. I recommend this exhibition if you don’t know much about van Gogh, but if you’re already quite familiar with his artwork and life, it might be a bit flat.
Walking through a room full of sunflowers and mirrors.
van Gogh’s bedroom.
Pasta time after exhibition – yum! Our Saturday continued with house inspections and a cosy evening at home watching the Great. It’s amazing and I’m so happy the second season in finally out.
Sunday again and it was time for our volunteering shift with the Animal Ambulance. We picked up this little fella and drove him to the vet. The volunteering can be physically and mentally draining, but it’s so rewarding in the end and I love being able to help these little creatures!
A ginger beer after the 8 hour shift.
Monday started with picking up a package sent by my mum. It contained the things I love the most: snus and salty liquorice.
Off to a job trial in Milton for an admin position. Nervous and excited!
Walked to my old neighbourhood after the job trial. Paddington looking beautiful as always.
Had an iced latte at Sassafras. Totally the best drink during the summer.
On my way back home to South Brisbane. Crossed paths with the local magpie.
The community garden looking good after all the rain the last month.
A coffee shop in West End that always brings a smile to my face.
The Monday finished with an evening stroll along the river. Loving the reflections in the CBD buildings.
Today it’s Monday again and this one is a bit less exciting. I’ve spent half the day inside the apartment looking for more jobs to apply for and houses as well. Wish me luck and I’ll soon share photos from our camping trip to Rainbow Beach ♡

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