Two Sundays ago: Job and house hunting, book recommendation & koalas

Poff! Suddenly it’s a new week and we have reached middle of November. Not many weeks left of this year which feels great but also a bit anxious. I’m spending most time on job and house hunting which slowly drains my soul. I’m trying to catch up with my photos, so here are a couple from two Sundays ago.
Spending the majority of my time in this space during the weekdays, and I decided to take some time on Sunday to do some more job and house hunting.
Daily view.
When I’m having some spare time, I try to read. I’m reading Lian Hearn’s “Across the Nightingale Floor”, a book I’ve already read but was keen to read again. Highly recommend!
Very tired Lily before the first coffee of the day.
There we go! It was also no random occasion I chose the koala mug this morning, because I was going to visit some friends in Daisy Hill.
I realised I hadn’t seen koalas in two years so it was definitely time to get some quality koala time. Hi to you sleepy fella!
Butt scratching deluxe! I love these fluffy, smelly creatures. I always feel a lot happier after a koala meeting. After saying goodbye to the koalas, I went home and continued with my job applications. And the Sunday didn’t get more exciting than that. Cheers! ♡

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