During our trip to Sweden, I really wanted to show Jarryd Sweden’s western archipelago. We started at Tanum to see the rock carvings from the Scandinavian bronze age and iron age. The rock carvings in Tanum were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. You can walk around in the area and see the different carvings, and there is also a museum with free entrance.
This whale was my favourite rock carving!
We continued south to Fjällbacka, a small fishing village and tourist resort in summer. This is where Ronja Rövardotter was filmed and where Camilla Läckberg’s murder mysteries are taking place. 
Beautifully situated by the water and was at one point said to be the county’s busiest fishing village.  
The local gas station for boats. 
Enthusiastically waiting for my lunch on the jetty. We ate at the cafe/bistro called Bryggan.
Pasta with homemade smoked salmon and newly caught shrimps. Nomnom!
The best word to describe the archipelago would definitely be “Hygge”. 
Our last stop during our roadtrip was in Kungshamn and we stayed here for a mandatory fika. I do highly recommend to make a visit to the island Smögen if you are visiting. 
There are many villages and islands to visit on Sweden’s western archipelago, but it does not stop here. You also have the Stockholm archipelago and the Norrland coast archipelago!

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