Thursday – job searching, second hand skirt and dumplings

Wow! Already Monday again and I feel so behind schedule. This post was supposed to be updated last Friday, but nope, I completely forgot. While I am waiting for the pumpkin in the oven, I have some spare time to finally publish the post about last Thursday.
Yes, you guessed it! I was applying for jobs pretty much the whole day. I am planning to do some casual sales assistant work during the Christmas holidays to get some extra cash. I am also looking for an admin job on the side while I have a casual position at the university. Finding any type of job has been a long, difficult process. It finally feels like I can see the light in the end of the job searching tunnel though!
To remain sane and not climbing the walls at home, I spend a couple of hours at the local cafe called Sassafras. A cup of flat white makes everything easier!
Swapped full cream milk for oat milk, nomnomnoom!
I also tried my newly bought second hand skirt from Salvos in Red Hill. It is colourful, not too short and reasonably priced for a second hand clothing.
Then it was time for dinner and I decided to make dumplings, squid, spicy corn and sugar peas with a dipping sauce (plus a lot of chili, spring onion and coriander). Very yummy! And that folks, was last Thursday!
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Saturday retro shopping

One of the luxuries of living in beautiful Paddington is all the amount of antique, vintage and second hand shops you can find here. One of the shops I regularly visit is the Empire Revival (Paddington Antique Centre) on 167 Latrobe Terrace. The building is a heritage-listed cinema built in 1929. The atmosphere makes this place a spot for antiques and vintage. You can find anything from jewellery, fashion, furniture and homewares. Here are some photos of my favourites from my last visit!
This is probably my favourite section. 1920’s party dresses and a wide range of different jewellery and brick-a-brack. It also seems like the prices in this part are a little bit cheaper compared to the rest of the shop.
A lot of different kitchenware, glass, porcelain, chinaware, and so on. The prices can at times be a bit expensive, but I have managed to find reasonably priced tarte forms, crystal glasses and bowls, and chinaware. 
I found a pair of candle holders, but unfortunately I do not have any space for these at home at the moment. If you are interested, these can be found in one of the kitchenware sections. 
A great collection of old bottles and glass containers.
Beautiful fabrics and patterns!
Next visit, I will be looking for a new bedside lamp.
Women’s clothing section, a wide range of different styles from different eras. 
Of course there is a Scandinavian design corner! I always spend a lot of time here, wishing I had more space at home and a very, very big wallet…
These photos are just showing a small fraction of the whole shop, so be prepared to spend at least one hour strolling around to really get the chance to find the vintage and second hand nuggets. Due to the location of the shop, it is very easy to access other vintage/second hand shops in the area by just continuing down Latrobe Terrace towards the city. Enjoy your shopping!
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A little bit of everything

More random photos taken in my homemade photo booth. All the items have been bought at local antique and OP shops. Our house is unfortunately too cramped to make it look decent on the inside. Therefore, you will only get the individual items at the moment.
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