Camping adventure in Whian Whian

A couple of weeks ago, Jarryd and I went camping in Whian Whian. The campground was situated in the beautiful state conservation area and was close to the hikes and waterfalls. We only stayed one night, but will definitely go back soon!
Our day started in the beautiful Byron Bay. We went to the lighthouse, which is the most eastern point of Australia, and of course we did a mandatory visit to the beach. After a couple of hours in Byron Bay, we continued our travel inland to the mountains and forest.
We had accidentally booked the camp furthest away from the actual campground and we were surrounded by trees and Kookaburras. It took us three camping trips to actually understand how to put up the tent correctly!
There was always one sausage addicted Kookaburra watching us. One did steal a steak from our neighbours.
Luckily, no fire restrictions!
Before heading home back to Brisbane, we visited the Rummery waterfall. There’s a beautiful track down to the bottom of the fall where you can swim in the water pools and enjoy the view of the waterfall from the other end.
Amazing  view over the conservation park. Maybe you can see Byron Bay if you look extremely close. Or maybe it’s on the other side? Anyway, mucho beautiful!
There’ll be a new camping adventure happening this weekend! It’s time to pick out the rain cover, rain boots and a good mood, because very bad wather awaits us.  
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