My top 5 wishes at the moment

1. Home

Top number one. Uno. Ett. I wish for this pandemic to come to an end and for life going back to “normal”. I’m so sick of not being able to catch a flight and go home to Sweden. Don’t get me wrong, I feel extremely privileged for living in one of few countries where covid has been managed very well and where there are few cases. However, for someone who has been homesick since 2019, it’s starting to get a bit challenging for sure. I read somewhere that there’s a chance (probably quite small, but still!) that Australia will allow tourists in 2022. This means my family finally can come and visit me here in Brisbane (mum, dad and Natha, if you read this, can you please remember to bring some Djungelvrål and snus hihi). They’re already preparing for their visit and are doing a diving course this weekend. I promise I’ll show you where you can find all beautiful fish and turtles (even though I won’t be diving with you). Even if I’m so looking forward to having my family over, I can’t wait until I can go back to Sweden and spend some time with friends and family whilst enjoying the Swedish cities and forest. AND DON’T LET ME START WITH THE SWEDISH FOOD AND CANDY!
Daily evening walks in the forest.
Swimming in the lakes.
Picking blueberries in my pyjamas.
Tracks on the meadow for some after work skiing.
More blueberry picking with family because there’s too much berries to pick in just one day.
Having a coffee by the stream and keeping an eye out for moose.
Having an amazing lunch on the west coast together with my sister (and teasing her for not eating fish hihi).
Enjoying the views whilst skiing in the forest.
Playing board games with the family (and hopefully beating them).
Visiting Ramnaparken and looking at all the old buildings.
Trying to take an intimidating photo with Jonte and Tilda at Nella’s vest party, but failing horribly.
More strolls in the forest (hopefully meeting some badger babies).
Going to Liseberg and seeing everyone win chocolate.
Enjoying all the four seasons.

2. Farm

I’m wishing for a farm somewhere in (or close to) the forest. I’m looking for properties on a daily basis and I’m mostly looking for places in Sweden. The prices here in Australia are just ridiculous compared to back home, especially if you’re prepared to live in the rural areas. I want to be able to see moose, deer, foxes, rabbits and badgers every day!
Wouldn’t mind this torp (croft or homestead in English?). Falu red paint and beautiful barns.
And why not a small boat house or sauna by the lake?
Renovated but still keeping the old details such as old style windows.
Old barn with the original windows.
Gravel road leading the way to the farm (salt and 4WD a must in winter though).
More falu read paint.
And even MORE falu red paint (can you see a pattern here?).
No need for two story houses. Let’s keep it charming and cosy.
However, to fit all people, maybe a two story house is a good idea in the end…
Meadows and forests in the background is a must (and yes, there’ll be a good mower on the farm).
The falu red paint will bring extra Christmas feeling after snowfall.

3. Animals

My third wish goes hand in hand with my dream about a farm. I wish for animals like sheep, goats, alpacas and maybe llamas (depending on how much we’ll be in need of increased security). In both Sweden and Norway, I’ve always been around sheep or goats. During my summers in Norway, one of my work tasks was taking care of the camping sheep or goats. By the end of each summer, the camping sheep or goats would recognise my voice and run towards me whenever I was calling for them. I can’t wait to have my own pne day!
Hi there!
Hi and please don’t attack me.
I don’t know who was the most curious, Fleur or the sheep?
Parent llamas guarding baby llama.
Sleeping pile.
Ear scratches every day after work.
Best feeling in the world.

4. Plants

My fourth wish is plants that are actually surviving (preferably thriving). This wish applies to both personal and office plants. I can barely keep plants alive anymore and it seems like I constantly overwater under underwater them. Everything on the balcony except a couple of succulents are dead or dying. Some of the indoor plants are still looking OK, but they haven’t really been growing for a while. I need my plant mojo to come back.
More green and less yellow/brown, please?
A box full of treats. I’m trying to dry some flowers at the moment, will see how they turn out!
TBT when we actually could grow flowers (while we still lived in Paddington).
My very first pilea peperomioides pups.
More succulents for the balcony from now on.
Those were the days when we had a small patch of garden where we could take care of our plants (and a herb garden!).
Our new herb garden in South Brisbane before it turned into a herb graveyard.
Haven’t bought a bouquet of flowers in ages. Need to do this again soon.

5. Midsummer

I’m so keen for a Midsummer celebration. My fifth wish is that boarders will magically open before June this year and that Covid will be long gone and events would be allowed again. If this wish comes true, I’ll get my butt on a plane and celebrate a traditional Midsummer in Sweden. I’ll see how this year’s Midsummer turns out, but I can promise you already that I’ll be consuming fermented herring and potatoes. Yum!
Midsummer celebration at Ramnaparken. Do the frog dance people!
Hoping Jarryd will be taking Swedish traditions seriously after watching middle aged people jumping like frogs around a Midsummer pole (which we all know what it looks like… If you don’t, scroll down a bit and don’t giggle!).
Dad sitting on a rock, under a tree after watching the frog dance.
Saying hi!
Celebrating Midsummer in Sjömarken with friends. Here you can see the famous Midsummer pole.
Preparing for the Midsummer lunch, but also being ready with the heater of course (interesting fact: some Midsummer eve’s have been cooler than Christmas Eve’s).
Fermented herring, potatoes, sour cream and snaps. MANDATORY heartburn!
500 games after the Midsummer lunch (great way of forgetting the heartburn for a minute or two). People always surprise with their hidden game talents.
Flower crowns, friends and Midsummer vibes.
8pm and time for the frog dance and more games. The game “the bear is sleeping” (translation?) was on the agenda.
10pm and it feels like it’s afternoon. No wonder why Midsummer is one of the most magical days of the year in Sweden.
These are five things I have been thinking a lot about lately. Many of the wishes have been dreams of mine for a very long time, and it’ll be very exciting to see what the future holds. But now it’s time to finish my tea, brush my tea and get to bed. I have my second training shift with RSPCA tomorrow!
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Grey monday

Monday again. It’s rainy, but I don’t mind. I have many things to fix before Friday (Midsummer’s Eve). I’m in charge of making a quiz about this magical holiday and I need to get everything ready for Uganda and Australia. Many exciting things happening.

Happy Monday!

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