Hello 2021!

The 1st day of 2021 was spent on my friend’s farm outside of Rathdowney. Jarryd and I had packed tent, sleeping bags, food and sparkling wine and drove to the farm on New Year’s Eve. We were the usual group of friends and had an amazing day and night. We woke up at 8am the morning after, tired and warm.
The only place where you can sit under the wonderful shade. I unfortunately got a bit burnt 🙁
The campground after cleaning – the greenest I have ever seen it. From here you can see the shed (where you have the kitchen, bedroom and garage), the water tank, the fire place, Chrissy and Alex’s tent and the toilet (yes, it is the metal tank to the right). There were only three massive huntsmen (spiders) around the toilet this time. I’m still waiting for the time there will be a snake hiding in the toilet seat…
We gathered wood around the property to keep the fire alive.
We were sitting under the macadamia tree and ate macadamia nuts like a bunch of parrots.
Eventually the sun disappeared and it was possible to move the chairs closer to the shed and the fireplace. Jarryd, Brodie and I were watching the fire while the others went for a hike to a waterhole. We were dehydrated and sunburnt, so no waterhole for us this time. But we weren’t sad, we played croquet and made friends with the local wallabies.
We went back to Brisbane after New Year’s and after one day of recovery, it was time to spend some more time in the forest.
I was going to try my new fishing hat. I got tired of getting sunburnt and frying my hair in the sun.
We were also going to try our new backpacks! Jarryd’s mother gave us a gift voucher at Kathmandu as Christmas gift and we found these two beauties in the boxing day sale. We took our backpacks and drove to Mt Nebo to do a 8km hike.
We can now officially call us outdoor geeks. Score!
We stumbled upon a gigantic worm… First I thought it was a snake and my heart stopped 🙁
New backpack with Samford in the background. If someone has a house in Samford they would like to give away for free, I’m very interested.
No sunburns today!
Samford, Bribe Island and Moreton Island in the background.
Mt Nebo was beautiful as always. So green and lush. Thanks for this time!
Jarryd has started working again but I’m still on holiday. I woke up feeling (almost) rested and ready for a visit to Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art.
It started raining during my stroll, but luckily the art gallery is only 5 minutes away from our apartment.
New restaurant has popped up on Fish Lane. It always looks so delicious when I walk past the window. Super keen to give this place a go soon!
A concrete jungle at the end of Fish Lane.
Good morning Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art!
I got to the art gallery 30 minutes before it opens, so I had a flat white under all the vines.
After a couple of hours at the art gallery (which was amazing as always!), it was time to go back home for some lunch. The rain had passed, but the warmth and humidity stayed for the whole day.
An evening stroll around West End before dinner. Hello, cement factory (I think it is?).
After dinner, Jarryd and I decided to get ice cream for dessert. We live dangerously close to Messina, yummy yummy!
Just the sorbet selection is thumbs up. The chocolate sorbet is one of my favourites.
But this time I chose pistachio and chocolate fondant gelato. It was Jarryd and I plus half Brisbane who decided to get a treat from Messina. After ice cream, we played Uno under the air con. Today I’ve been lazy and stayed at home the entire day. Tomorrow I’ll be visiting the QUT Art Museum and botanic gardens.
Hope you have a great start of 2021!
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