A week in May

Winter is officially here and the hot, hot, hot and humid summer has once again left us. It’s not only a change in seasons, but I’ve also made some life changing decisions the last two weeks. I’ll tell you more about this very soon! However, let me show you some snippets from an ordinary week in May.
Good morning Brisbane! Many sunny days lately which have made me miss the rain a bit.
Starting too many mornings with a flat white and banana bread. Very yummy but not good for the wallet.
Just a one minute stroll from the office.
Some afternoon treats and a coffee is always in place after a long day at work.
Bye bye Albion!
Catching the train to Newstead…
… for some indoor climbing!
My weak fingers and toes were a bit overwhelmed after the climb (plus arms, legs, stomach, back, yeah everything except my ears).
Merrille and Jarryd were like two cute spider monkeys climbing around and looking super strong!
Went back home for some Taco Friday. Mmmm… Just nostalgic flavours that you never seem to get tired of. Maybe the taste of familiarity is extra needed when living far away from family and in a different country away from everything that used to be home.
The mandatory taco fillings (according to Lily).
Is it really a Friday if you don’t eat tacos?
After taco Friday came Saturday and that meant washing and drying of clothes. Say hi to our ugly balcony, the balcony we are a bit embarrassed about but at the same time so happy to have. If it wasn’t for the ugly balcony, we would probably not have our nice balcony.
Saturday mood and sunnies on! Time for breaky.
Good morning Three Monkeys.
And bello to you, Spanish breakfast.
Heading into the CBD to visit VG (aka nerd dungeon).
Bought some D&D stuff.
So. Much. Awesomeness
Fish lane looking beautiful with all the fairy lights.
Ending the day with some more nerdiness – watching Secrets of the Tower of London. I think I have the same taste of TV shows as a 70-year old, but I’m 100% fine with that!
Now I’m going to continue reading The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. Hope all of you are having a great weekend!
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Ceramic class, one day in bed, Greek & Eritrean food

Hi cyber space! A new week and a new post. It’s been a busy week with a lot of tasty food and many fun activities. Since nothing too exciting happened Monday and Tuesday, I’ll just skip them and go straight to Wednesday. Let’s see what’s been happening here in Brisbane!
I was working my 7.5 hours on Wednesday and after closing the office, I immediately walked to the train station. and walked to the ClassBento workshop in Teneriffe. It was time for ceramic class!
Today, unlike every other weekday, South Bank was not my stop.
Instead, Bowen Hills was my stop and from here I started walking towards Teneriffe.
Because my friend Merrille and I were doing a ceramic class! We had booked this class via ClassBento a couple of months ago and on Wednesday it was finally time for us to try our ceramic skills.
Hello clay! What will I turn you into?
Maybe two bowls, one espresso cup, one spoon and two plates. It was so much fun and it’ll be amazing to have handmade ceramics at home. Hopefully ClassBento shoots me an email very soon which means everything is ready to be picked up and brought home 🙂
Please survive until I see you again!
After a 45 minutes long Citycat ride I was finally back in South Brisbane. Good evening, Fish Lane!
Thursday passed without too much excitement and after feeling unwell during Thursday night, I had to take Friday off from work. This is what most of my day looked like.
I moved for a couple of minutes and Jarryd was finally home and ready for weekend! He was hiding in the kitchen trying to figure out what to cook for dinner.
Then I moved back to my den and watched some episodes of the Office.
It stopped by our happy plant and gave it some water. Not too much, not too little, just enough. Please survive!
Jarryd had cooked a Greek feast which was absolutely delicious just as always.
I was still taking it easy for the first half of the Saturday just watching a couple of more the Office episodes. In the evening, Heather had fixed for tickets to the Reds vs Brumbies game at Suncorp Stadium. Heather, India, Merrille and I went and cheered for Canberra. They were so close to win, but unfortunately Brisbane won by one try. Next time Brumbies!
Suddenly it was Sunday and soon the weekend was over. Jarryd and I decided it was time for a date so we went to Netherworld to play some games. As always, we played one game of Carcassone and we also played Nintendo64.
After some very exciting games we decided to get some curly fries from Grassfed which was our appetiser before dinner. I have no photo of the curly fries, only a cute photo of my Santa koala facemask wearing boyfriend.
For dinner we had Eritrean takeaway from Mu’ooz which was soooo so good. We had the Sambusa Sigha, Derho Zighni (a spicy beef curry), Mbisi (slow cooked goat curry) and Enjera bread. I thought it was a pancake, but Jarryd said it was bread. Apparently it is some type of pancake bread. I’m still confused and don’t know exactly what it is, but oh my it was so good! Like sour bread? Sounds weird but it worked so well. We were very happy after the dinner and didn’t manage to stay up long after the food coma.
And now we are here. Monday evening and still trying to catch up on life. Our neighbours are having a party (…) and we are soon about to have an official meeting regarding if we are going to call the property manager or call the police. Mmm, I love Mondays. Goodnight everyone!
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Empty streets and botanic garden

Hi everyone! The Easter long weekend is soon over and I must admit, I’m not feeling 100% about waking up at 5:30am tomorrow to go to work. However, this work week is just four days long and on Wednesday, I’m going to do a ceramic class with my friend Merrille. I’m so excited and hope I’ll bring something home that can actually be displayed and used.
When Jarryd had a look at his step counter app, he noticed we had only done 2000 steps for the whole day. We were not satisfied with our performance and decided to put our shoes and rain jackets on and head out for a stroll in the city to increase those steps.
The rain had stopped for a little while, but signs of the earlier rains could be seen everywhere.
A usually busy street was very empty on this Easter Sunday. I guess many people had swapped Brisbane city for camping or a weekend by the beach.
But that was only appreciated because Jarryd could teach me how to properly use the phone camera without herds of people around.
We found some cool lights!
This morning Jarryd and I went to the Mt Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens with Merrille and Phil for a Sunday (officially Monday) morning stroll. We had some breaky and met some feathery friends.
Now it’s almost 3:30pm and I’m going to take down my home office because it’s time to move back to the “normal” office tomorrow morning. Jarryd is cooking a Greek feast tonight and the chicken is currently marinating. We’ll continue and watch last episode of Formula 1. I really, really hate cards, but I really like this show. Hope you all have an amazing end of your Easter break and stay safe!
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Three days of photography, office plants and rain

Hi everyone! It’s already Wednesday evening and I’m about to start playing Carcassone with Jarryd in 24 minutes. Before that, I thought I could share a couple of snaps from Monday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday). This week started with sunshine and an empty fish lane on my way to work. Fish Lane is definitely one of the best things about South Brisbane. Saccharomyces and Wandering Cooks are two of my Brisbane favourites.
Eventually I made it to the office and like every morning, I have a look outside to see how our succulents are doing. This beauty is absolutely striving in its new home.
It even has a couple of plant babies! This is one of few office plants that are doing well at the moment. The majority of the plants are peace lilies and we also have one large fiddle leaf fig. However, all of them are Struggling with a capitol S. The fiddle leaf fig is always covered in spider mites and I never seem to give it the right amount of water. I’ve been moving it around a bit to find a good spot, but it keeps getting sad. All the peace lilies are also full of bugs and I can’t remember how many times I’ve sprayed them with the anti-bug spray. I’ve noticed they really enjoy being outside though, so I try to leave them outside during the weekends (which means I need to keep praying that the possum will leave them alone and not try to eat them). If you have any suggestions regarding office plants (need to handle some draft and shade), please let me know! I need all the tips.
It started raining a lot on Tuesday (yesterday) and like most Tuesdays, I was waiting for the train on the station waiting to get back to the city after my 7.5 hours at the office. Why can’t my hands be as steady as my newly purchased tripod? 🙁
Hello hello from the office administrator! I’m so happy I brought my raincoat from Sweden. I’m really ready for the crazy Queensland storms.
One day I will sit on this train on my way to the airport towards new adventures! Can’t wait until we are able to go back to Sweden again for a loooong visit!
Today. Wednesday. And rain. I have 8 more minutes until we will start playing Carcassone. We had Indian again from our local Indian restaurant 2 minutes away from the apartment (convenient, but so dangerously close for two lazy people like us). I always get the hot curries which is a true love/hate. It’s so delicious, but the heart burn afterwards is not a game. Ok, only 3 minutes left until it’s time to beat Jarryd’s ass in Carcassone. Wish me luck everyone and I’ll see you soon again!
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