Roadtrip to Stryn

The Summer of 2013 was spent in the Norwegian fjords and it was my second year as a seasonal worker in the small town of Geiranger. Like every summer I needed a break from  sneaky goats, huge campers and tourists in packs and therefore I decided to leave my temporary home Geiranger for the day and visit the big city. It was an upgrade from 300 to 10000 inhabitants and I would finally be able to buy a bottle of wine (maybe two) after a long and stressful season. The excitement however crashed like an albatroz trying to take off from a small, slippery rock in the middle of the sea – hard and very ungraceful. Maybe I was expecting some kind of New York rush after too many weeks in Geiranger, but to me Stryn was just a sleepy town with bad pizzerias. However, the surroundings were amazing and how many cities can proudly say they have a Summer Ski Center? So don’t be a negative fart like me and diss Stryn immediately.


One of the best experiences during the roadtrip was leaving Stryn and accidentally find and drive the Old Strynefjell Mountain Road back to Geiranger. I saw wild reindeers, magically blue lakes and glacier water streams running down the mountain walls like blood vessels. The high slopes and the very narrow dirt road caused some short heart stops when we occasionally had oncoming traffic (a pair of confused german tourists). It was a truly fantastic trip through the mountains and I hope I’ll be able to do the same roadtrip one more time!

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