Retro bargains

During the last couple of weeks, I’ve finally had the time (and some extra spare money) to go second hand shopping! Let me show you half of my bargains.

A large (and very necessary) straw hat for the hot Summers here in Brisbane. It’s also a beautiful door decoration when rain is in the air. I paid around $5 for this summer sun protector.

A small vase containing the weed that keeps suffocating our outdoor plant. Since it’s a little bit funky, I’ve decided to keep it on my painting desk instead of just throwing it away. I paid $1 for this funky-weed-vase.

3$ wooden candle holder.

A wooden box for $10 which currently is my storage space for unfinished paintings. My plan for this box is however to be filled with various plants. 

I’ve finally found a perfect toast holder! Since we’re not the best breakfast people here at home, this is also working as a temporary painting holder. 

Cute babushka doll for just $2. Guarding our plants against the possums.

You can never have too many candle holders. This one will keep us warm and fuzzy during the cold winter mornings.

This crystal glass bowl is the new home for my shells. I love that it looks like a bowl of ocean sweets.

Something I always look for when going to thrift shops and antique stores are frames. There’s nothing better than an old, clumsy frames and I think they work perfectly with my paintings.

This is only half of all my new retro bargains, but I’ll show you the rest later this week! The mirror of my dreams became mine during a trip to the Salvation second hand shop yesterday… Finally!

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