First days of September

September. The beginning of Autumn. And like always here in Australia, I feel foolishly pranked by the seasons.  I am waiting for the crispy chills in the mornings and for the mushrooms to grow in the forests. I am waiting for the leaves to turn yellow on the spidery branches, getting weaker for each day until the turbulent wind rips them off the only home they know and leaving them on the ground to moulder away. I am waiting for a growing darkness that will sneakily steal my D-vitamin until the day when the sun decides to return back to the northern parts of the globe. I am waiting for school or work to start again after a long, relaxed break of longed-for summer. 

But here in Brisbane, my new home, everything is the exact opposite. More insects are crawling around and butterflies are flying around like drunk teenagers on LIME scooters looking for mates. The warm long black has now been swapped for a glass of ice latte with ice cold milk. The possums are more noisy than usual and happily run extra laps on the metal roof during the earliest morning hours. Every evening, I remove one blanket or one piece of clothing to avoid sweating on my newly bought summer bed sheets.

It is not much, but I have learnt to distinguish the small contrasts between the season that was, and the season that we are currently in. Here, September is spring. It will never be the same September I am used to and grew up with. It is, however, without a doubt also a new start. A beginning. And I believe this is why I have been longing so much for September. I need a start of something new, even though I am not completely sure what it would be. Maybe new work responsibilities? A new place to rent? A new hobby? A new phone? A new roadtrip to plan? A new plant (if you are reading this Jarryd, I am joking. A little bit. Maybe we can talk about this when you come home from work?). 

Even though this post contains much more questions than answers, the first days of spring have been good and I feel content. How does September usually make you feel? Is there a season or a month that usually means a new beginning to you?

Welcome September, I am happy you are back and I am ready for you!
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One Sunday in Redcliffe

Like every Sunday, I try to seize the last day of freedom before it’s time to dive into the new week of stress and responsibilities. This usually means I try to leave everything that reminds me of my ordinary life and instead focus on exploring. One Sunday in June was no exception, so we ended up in Redcliffe. 
Cold, cold water, but it was good preparation for our trip to Sweden (which meant even colder water, uugghh). 
Happy Lily doing her ‘Happy Lily Dance’ on the jetty.
This sailor was happy when it stopped raining and the sun finally came out. 
The Recliffe harbor really reminded me of Sweden and that was a good teaser before our long journey to the land in the north. 
Today it’s time for the third and final State of Origin game. I’ll be preparing snacks and blankets for this cold, but exciting night! And yes, both Jarryd and I noticed the dirty lens…
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A little bit of everything

More random photos taken in my homemade photo booth. All the items have been bought at local antique and OP shops. Our house is unfortunately too cramped to make it look decent on the inside. Therefore, you will only get the individual items at the moment.
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New hair, flowers and Sunday market

After a busy work period, it was time for a change…
I had a spontaneous haircut! I haven’t touched my hair for the past nine months and I finally managed to find a free spot in my calendar and some extra spare cash. Oh, I’m so happy getting rid of that old possum nest I used to call my hair. New hair, happy Lily!
It wasn’t only time for a new haircut, it was also time for new flowers in the bedroom. 
The eyes and the nose are enjoying the Lillies.
On Sunday it was once again time for the weekly Bardon Markets! A small, cosy market at the Norman Buchan Park with a dozen stands, yummy breakfast, live music, cricket game in the background and friendly ponies.
My breakfast contained coffee and a vegan sausage with sauerkraut. YUM! Is there a better way to end the week? 
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The week that has passed

It has been a stressful period. I know it sounds like the lamest excuse, but there has been work non-stop. I have however, managed to snap some photos I want to share with you. It all started with beautiful flowers…
I still had flowers left from the birthday party decorating the bedroom. I really love this cozy corner of the room. 
Flowers and sunrise, I wish I could wake up to this every morning.
This week, I also started thinking about this super tasty beer I tried at Brewski on Caxton Street. 
A chocolate and marshmallow porter. YUM! If you stumble across this beer, try it. Trust me. 
Blossom outside of our bedroom. It’s very pretty, but the smell is quite intense. I first thought the smell came from the moth balls Jarryd put next to his herbs to scare away the possums. After all my nagging, he took the smelly moth balls away but I could still smell something weird. I thought he had been sneaky and put it up somewhere else in the garden, but nope. He had been a nice boyfriend and gotten rid of them, and instead it was the plants smelling like chemical death. Sorry Jarryd!
One photo I forgot to post, which is from our hike on Bribie Island. Such a contrast compared to our smelly, blossoming bushes. This photo was taken in an area after a severe bush fire.  
My friends at work were practicing diving.
On Wednesday it was time for a date night. Jarryd and I had dinner at Tuk Tuk in Milton (highly recommended) and went across the street to La Dolce Vita for dessert. It was cold, dark, and cozy.
An attempt to keep the plants alive by keeping them indoors during the night. They are officially our pets (until we are allowed to have real pets hehe). 
The week is not over yet, but due to really bad weather and stressful couple of days, the weekend will be spent indoors watching movies and eating tasty food from UberEats. A lazy weekend, which is highly needed. And this is what I see every night before falling asleep. There are many things I don’t like about old Queenslanders, but the details are beautiful!

Great weekend to you all!

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Ghosts, storms and a birthday

Another week has passed and it’s once again Monday. Today I’ll do a four hour shift at Vinnies but before that, I’ll show you some pictures from last week! It all started in the creepy heritage-listed Boggo Road Gaol. My two friends and I did the guided ghost tour.
We went to the different parts of the prison and the only light provided was torches. The history of the prison was very interesting, and even though we didn’t encounter any ghosts (that we know about), it felt very scary listening to the stories about the prisoners and the everyday life in the Gobbo Road Gaol.  
We were allowed to enter the cells and walk around the different cellblocks. Apparently, many tourists see the ghost of one of the female prisoners in the big window. She was sentenced to death after murdering her husband. 
Every other day was spent in another prison (hehe). It’s been a normal work week at University of Queensland except that I had to survive without my UQ ID card since I lost it on my way to the Gobbo Road Gaol. Luckily, a very nice man found it and contacted me, so I managed to get my ID and bus card back! 
I have been posing with some of my new vintage bargains. A new post will pop up soon where I show you all my new stuff. 
The plan for the weekend was to go camping with Jarryd and two friends. It was my friend’s birthday last Sunday, and she was keen for a camping trip. However, the weather was not on our side and with storms coming up every day, this is as far we managed to go. A packed car and a lot of rain and thunder. But we still had a birthday to celebrate!
And we did really celebrate! From 12pm until late night. We had food and drinks at our place, and played music and drinking games. 
The Sunday was quite tough though. I managed to stumble across this fella and I wonder, are they supposed to look like that? That neck is crazy long. Anyway, it’s time to get ready for Vinnies and the world of vintage and second hand. A good way to start the week! 
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Camping adventure in Whian Whian

A couple of weeks ago, Jarryd and I went camping in Whian Whian. The campground was situated in the beautiful state conservation area and was close to the hikes and waterfalls. We only stayed one night, but will definitely go back soon!
Our day started in the beautiful Byron Bay. We went to the lighthouse, which is the most eastern point of Australia, and of course we did a mandatory visit to the beach. After a couple of hours in Byron Bay, we continued our travel inland to the mountains and forest.
We had accidentally booked the camp furthest away from the actual campground and we were surrounded by trees and Kookaburras. It took us three camping trips to actually understand how to put up the tent correctly!
There was always one sausage addicted Kookaburra watching us. One did steal a steak from our neighbours.
Luckily, no fire restrictions!
Before heading home back to Brisbane, we visited the Rummery waterfall. There’s a beautiful track down to the bottom of the fall where you can swim in the water pools and enjoy the view of the waterfall from the other end.
Amazing  view over the conservation park. Maybe you can see Byron Bay if you look extremely close. Or maybe it’s on the other side? Anyway, mucho beautiful!
There’ll be a new camping adventure happening this weekend! It’s time to pick out the rain cover, rain boots and a good mood, because very bad wather awaits us.  
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What’s been happening?

It’s finally time to show you what I’ve been up to lately. Even though I spend most of my time in the laboratory, there are moments that are not filled with fire, smoke and ridiculous heat. Here is a bunch of photos from the last couple of weeks!
The plant collection is getting bigger. Here are just a few of all the plants that have managed to survive the scorching summer. My favourite is the Chinese Money plant! Right now I have one stickling from it and I’m petting it every night trying to keep it alive and happy.
One of the local cafés here in Paddington was giving away free flower bouquets and one of them ended up in my bedroom. My wish is to do something with this space, maybe putting up a colourful painting and adding one of the newly bought candle holders. Maybe it’s time for a new round to the antique stores and thrift shops.
I’m really appreciating the old touch in the house. It’s on the brink of falling apart, but some of the details are very beautiful. The bedroom and bathroom doors are my favourites. 
The view from my table at the arcade bar Netherworld. 
It was finally time for a date night! We watched the Mule at the movies and had dinner at a Greek taverna. Of course the date had to end with cheesecake (and a lactose free alternative for Jarryd). Have a look at the bowl of Chai tea they served at the café Three Monkeys. I must have peed 5 times that evening hehe. 
After the movie, we also discovered the building where we happily would rent an apartment (in our dreams).
When spending too many hours at the lab, it’s necessary to leave the city and go for a hike in the bush. We drove to Mt Nebo and did one of the mountain tracks. Jarryd had the time to appreciate the leaves while I was taking too many photos.
The afternoon sky full of parrots at University of Queensland. Despite the fact that they poop everywhere, their races around the University lakes is a good way to end a long day at work. 
I finally got the thumb out and printed out one of my posters. Unfortunately, the dimensions and quality were not optimal, but this one is hanging next to my painting desk and keeps reminding me to drink the beverage of life: coffee. 
Jarryd, Bev (Jarryd’s mom) and I spent a weekend on Bribie Island. We enjoyed the beach life, got nasty sunburns, saw dolphins, ate too much and appreciated the time away from the big city.
One of the luxuries with staying close to the ocean is of course the beautiful sunrises. Our alarms were set at 5am and we basically crawled out of bed to the cold, windy beach. The sunrise did deliver and it was the perfect way to end our holiday on the cosy island.
I dipped my toe in the water for a quarter of a second. My inner Viking is crying a little bit, but I’m getting so sensitive to the cold. 
Extremely sunburnt and tired, but too stubborn to miss the sunrise! And yes, my forehead did start to peel. Incautious at the beach equals shedding like a lizard. 
Two happy faces after a kiss attack by a newly awake puppy (who ran away as fast as it appeared). We were now ready to face the everyday life in Brisbane, and a long week at the lab and Vinnies is awaiting!
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