One interview and throwback Thursday

Finally Thursday and that means Friday is around the corner! I love Fridays even more when I’m not working because it’s my chance to finally hang out with people. And I have a board game night to look forward to and (hopefully) some house inspections. Not only am I trying to figure out what career path I want to make, Jarryd and I also need to find a new home before January. How do you decide what job you should apply for when you don’t know where you’ll live and how do you decide which house to apply for when you don’t know the location of your future job? Eh.
Speaking of new jobs, careers and selling your soul to the corporate devil – I went on a job interview today! One hour too early (like the true Swede I am) and a small nervous breakdown in the public restroom. I always feel like a tired, wet towel left on the bathroom floor when I’ve done a job interview. Exposed and ashamed. Why did I stare into the interviewers eyes two seconds too long when we first shook hands? Why did I say I hate speaking on the phone (even if this is true)? How did I manage to choose the chair with bird poop all over the seat (and not realising this until the end of the interview)? My face has been resting deep into the shame pillow the whole afternoon and I’ve promised myself that I’ll take a break from LinkedIn and SEEK today, just getting a break from the job searching. Much appreciated!
Since it was half a decade ago since I last updated the blog, I thought I could share some photos from the last couple of months (no theme, just randomness). Hey ho, let’s go Throwback Thursday!
On one of many bridges in Brisbane after accidentally (!) feeding a possum a green bean. Yay!
Spent many hours in different parks around Brisbane where I was trying out the new camera and also relaxing (aka sleeping) on a big, cosy blanket.
Look what I found! A Jarrydus Binxus in his natural habitat. I decided to approach.
“Hello, I really like your blanket, can I join?”, I said.
After some struggles and persuasion I was finally allowed to join on the blanket.
Very pretty and photogenic flowers.
Pony tail struggles due to new haircut and bangs.
Three captions of the ultimate park animals in Brisbane.
Walking and having a close look on all the plants and flowers in the park. Can’t wait until I have a garden of my own!
B to the risbane. You’ll look so beautiful with the new Queen’s Wharf.
Spanish breakfast? Of course!
Visiting GOMA to view the exhibition “European Masterpieces – From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York”. It was truly amazing and I’m a bit sad I didn’t visit a second time… Maybe a trip to New York???
Came home to a dirty apartment after the exhibition and wondered if maybe one of my paintings will be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (ha ha ha).
However, I was feeling artsy and inspired, so I took my newly purchased second hand camera bag to the park and harassed the water dragons for a little bit.
A couple of days after the hair was highlighted and it looked respectable (compared to the current possum nest I have on top of my head).
Inspiration was on top and I practiced a lot at home with dead, dried flowers I was given months ago (I forgot to throw them out…). I’m not sure why objects majority of the time end up on the left side? Hm.
Beautiful colours in West End.
And I will finish this post with a photo representing pure disappointment. When you order an iced latte but because of unclear communication, you get an iced coffee instead </3 The person who came up with the iced coffee has obviously an unhealthy relationship to lactose (an iced coffee includes milk, cream and ice cream), but must also strive on chaos since this abomination should most definitely not be called iced coffee? Iced coffee should be… coffee with ice? Anyways, it’s time for a run along the river before the sun sets and then I’ll feed Jarryd some leftovers (he can choose between my boring jar masala with burnt rice or yummy thai leftovers). Hope you all have an amazing rest of your Thursday and I’ll see you soon ♡

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