Noosa adventures

Last weekend was spent in beautiful Noosa. I bought cheap Greyhound tickets and in only two hours I had left busy Brisbane and arrived in this cozy coastal town. I stayed at a hostel in a small room together with 15 other backpackers, which has given me the insight that I am an old fart. I want to know what my drink contains, I do not want to listen to drunk girls brushing their teeth at 4am and I am not keen on listening to stranger’s snoring and farting. Despite two nights with bad sleep, I had a great time in Noosa doing hikes in the national park and spending time at the beach.

Today it’s Friday and this is the last day preparing everything for the traditional swedish crayfish party! I feel so excited, scared and ridiculously organized. What if no one enjoys this magical festivity? Am I being overly nostalgic? I guess I really want people to like this tradition since it is a part of me and my life. This is an opportunity for friends to get to know the swedish Lily!

Anyways, the only things left to do is the schnapps and a tour to IKEA. A post avoab the crayfish party is definitely coming up! 🙂

Have a great Friday!

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