Midsummer make-up

Today is one of the most important Swedish holidays of the year! It’s Midsummer’s Eve and I will together with friends do the frog dance around the Maypole, eat a lot of herring, drink snaps and play a lot of games. The typical Midsummer weather is cold, grey and rainy. Therefore, it’s always a struggle to put together an outfit. The optimal outfit is a cute, summer dress and a fresh flower crown on the head, but this is seldom possible to wear. Firstly, the weather usually doesn’t allow anything but rain jackets and rain boots (preferably thermals underneath). Secondly, the Midsummer crown made of newly picked flowers and pollen allergy is not the best combination. Lastly, you need clothes that will allow you to perform the famous frog dance perfectly and you also need to be able to beat all your friends in sack races. Since the weather forecast is quite unstable I only have a plan for make-up.

BB-cream with SPF if the sun against the odds would appear for half a second. Waterproof mascara due to the rain and wind, but also from crying of laughter while playing all the mandatory Midsummer games. Eyebrow pencil to make the eyebrows a little bit more bushy to get the wild forest look. Lip balm to make sure the red wine doesn’t stick to the lips. Concealer. Concealer. And concealer. After a couple of stressful months I have been feeding my eye bags with a lot of stress and too little sleep. I’ll desperately need to try to constrain them and keep them calm. When it comes to hair, there’s no point trying. However, ponytails are really good when playing all the games!

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