Long weekend on the Sunshine Coast

Four days weekend. An extra long weekend. Whatever we want to call it. The 26th of January 2021 which is an Australian public holiday magically took place on a Tuesday which meant an unnecessary, annoying Monday was ruining a long, deserved break away from the city. I talked to my manager and told him that I cannot let this opportunity pass. A four day weekend. An extra long weekend. And suddenly it was decided and 7.5 hours were removed from my annual leave. I was going to be free for four whole days. And these days were not going to be wasted. Jarryd and I had together with nine friends rented a beach house with pool, ping pong table and massive four in a row game in Buddhina, Sunshine Coast.
We spent Friday evening in Brisbane before swapping the buzzing city night for the gentle and salty ocean breeze.
I was ready for the beach life with my fishing hat.
Hello there! Lets go now now now!
Beautiful sunsets and esky trails on the beach. We saw dolphins and turtles. So exciting!
I’m so happy I took the chance to have a four day long weekend. It was so worth it even if I feel like I have absolutely no energy left for anything but work this week. But that’s OK. I recommend extra long weekends for everyone!

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  1. Incredible pictures! Eller ska jag skriva på svenska? Finns det hajar i vattnet, är det därför ingen badar? undrar en rädd en

    1. Tack så mycket! Det finns hajar i havet så man får vara lite försiktig med var man simmar och vid vilken tid på dygnet. Vanligtvis badar folk där det finns life guards och där strömmarna inte är för starka. Det finns alltid superbra badplatser där man inte behöver oroa sig 🙂

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