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Wow! It has been a long time since I last updated this blog… The last 5 months have been crazy. I have made some difficult career choices and I’m currently unemployed deciding if I want to go back to studying or finding a part-time job. All these changes have and still are mentally draining, but I’m at the same time feeling so much happier trying to figure out what I actually need and want to do.
When I’m not spending time thinking about different career paths or applying for jobs, I have been outside taking photos with my new Canon EOS RP. It’s so much fun and I’m really enjoying my Canon. It’s very user-friendly for a beginner like me.
A selfie from August when I was feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Trying to look happy, but I think the eyes give away my true feelings.
After resigning from my job, I finally had the time to do a daytrip to Toowoomba with Jarryd. Long time no see, Toowoomba!
Brunch with friends and getting the time to catch up with wonderful people. Tried this delicious breaky dish at Fiddle Leaf café in Bulimba – sourdough toast with halloumi, eggplant and poached eggs. Yum!
More tasty food!
Jarryd and I have been doing our fortnightly RSPCA shifts and one Sunday we were called out to help this little fella. He was found alone on the ground one morning at a public pool facility in Chermside. Spring time has been very busy and we have been picking up many birds and possums the last couple of weeks.
Now when I finally have some free time again, I have started to play New World. Jarryd and many of our friends are playing, so we usually meet up online and play together. It has been a lot of fun and this meant I had to buy a new monitor and keyboard and mouse. Now I just need to buy a good computer as well 🙂
My character – Heylin a level 49 blue-haired lady who is specialised in fire staff and ice gauntlet.
Since I have been spending a lot of time at home on the computer applying for jobs and researching courses and programs (uni or TAFE), I have been forcing myself to go for more walks. A couple of days ago visited the library.
I’m happy to be back and I’m really looking forward to keeping this blog up to date! There is a lot of exciting things happening in November and for the first time in a long time, I’m happy not feeling any Sunday anxiety. Hope all of you are having an amazing Sunday as well! ♡

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