Goodbye September, and hello October!

Brisbane Festival at the Cultural Centre in South Bank. 

October. The month when it’s officially autumn according to the rules in my universe. The colours yellow, orange, brown and red are everywhere, and the days are getting colder and darker. But not here, not in Brisbane. It’s spring time and it’s a real slap in the face if your nose and eyes aren’t fond of all the pollen circulating in the air. It feels very strange to use the two words October and Spring in the same sentence. Maybe it’ll take some time until I’m fully comfortable with the Australian ways of life. But that’s ok! I’m not going to rush my feelings, but rather embrace the fact that everything’s still new and different. The reason I wanted to leave the normal, everyday life in Sweden two years ago. 

Here in Brisbane there’s been a lot going on with the cultural event Brisbane Festival. It all ended with the Riverfire (fireworks) down at the river. We saw the fireworks from my friends’ deck in Bardon. 

The usual stroll to Bardon market every Sunday to pet horses and buy veggies. 
Jarryd and I sharing a dessert during a Jazz night at one of the local restaurants in Paddington.
Finally doing some water painting again! I’ve missed it a lot.

I feel excited about October, because this is the month when my normal life will start. My visa application will be lodged and I’ll soon be able to start working (for real) again.

Welcome back, October!

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  1. Yes, here there are fireworks of colors in the garden, in the forest, everywhere. But it’s also raining and hailstorms, it’s cold and hardly any sunshine. Exotic, right you down-unders : ) Lily dear, I’m so glad you picked up water painting again!

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