First days of September

September. The beginning of Autumn. And like always here in Australia, I feel foolishly pranked by the seasons.  I am waiting for the crispy chills in the mornings and for the mushrooms to grow in the forests. I am waiting for the leaves to turn yellow on the spidery branches, getting weaker for each day until the turbulent wind rips them off the only home they know and leaving them on the ground to moulder away. I am waiting for a growing darkness that will sneakily steal my D-vitamin until the day when the sun decides to return back to the northern parts of the globe. I am waiting for school or work to start again after a long, relaxed break of longed-for summer. 

But here in Brisbane, my new home, everything is the exact opposite. More insects are crawling around and butterflies are flying around like drunk teenagers on LIME scooters looking for mates. The warm long black has now been swapped for a glass of ice latte with ice cold milk. The possums are more noisy than usual and happily run extra laps on the metal roof during the earliest morning hours. Every evening, I remove one blanket or one piece of clothing to avoid sweating on my newly bought summer bed sheets.

It is not much, but I have learnt to distinguish the small contrasts between the season that was, and the season that we are currently in. Here, September is spring. It will never be the same September I am used to and grew up with. It is, however, without a doubt also a new start. A beginning. And I believe this is why I have been longing so much for September. I need a start of something new, even though I am not completely sure what it would be. Maybe new work responsibilities? A new place to rent? A new hobby? A new phone? A new roadtrip to plan? A new plant (if you are reading this Jarryd, I am joking. A little bit. Maybe we can talk about this when you come home from work?). 

Even though this post contains much more questions than answers, the first days of spring have been good and I feel content. How does September usually make you feel? Is there a season or a month that usually means a new beginning to you?

Welcome September, I am happy you are back and I am ready for you!

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