Crayfish party

Last Saturday, two of my friends and I arranged a traditional Swedish crayfish party at my place. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos during the party since I was busy serving food and being responsible for the different games. I don’t even have a photo of the crayfish… But I promise there’ll be more photos next year! I still have some photos from the preparations of the party just a couple of hours before all the guests arrived!

Everyone had a personal party har with their name, made up Viking name and a drawing. We accidentally bought party hats for children, so only a couple of the guests actually managed to wear it. But it was still beautiful and popular among the guests!

Jarryd and I trying to look crayfishy in our red outfits (we were still working on the party hats).

My Swedish friend Johanna and I looking extremely ready for the party to begin.

The party organisers! All the crayfish decorations were bought at IKEA. They also sell precooked crayfish which only need to defrost one day before you want to eat them. Super handy! We also got Swedish candy, chips and bread. I also had fresh (alive) crayfish from the Crayfish Traders outside of Brisbane. They arrived two weeks before the party and I cooked them in my homemade “sauce” which consisted of: water, beer (porter), sugar, salt and dill (it’s supposed to be dill crowns). When they had been cooked I kept them in the freezer and two days before the day of the party I defrosted them in the fridge. Very yummy! The guests did enjoy all the food and I think they appreciate the crayfish a little bit more today than before 🙂

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  1. I like that you are wearing red to the crayfish party. That’s going to be a must next year at our party! It’s like Santa’s brought crayfish this year as starter. See you all at Christmas for the main course : )

    1. Haha yes it’s a good idea! We had to make everything a little bit more crayfishy since we didn’t have all the mandatory crayfish stuff 🙂

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