Cramps. Something we girls have to battle every month. It’s weird how it always comes as a surprise, even though I’ve been through the same process for almost 15 years. Anyway, this has been a day of rest and taking care of myself. I tried some running in the hills of Paddington, but my body protested so now I’m sitting on the verandra drinking water and waiting for my boyfriend to bring me chocolate, food and maybe some Friday feeling?

Since my friends and I are arranging a traditional swedish crayfish party, I had to find a red outfit. I looked through my hanger, drawer and suitcase, but I didn’t have anything with a tiny dot of the colour of crayfish. This meant I had to go for a hunt. I finally found this dress in the city on sale! Oh, the happiness when this was the only red dress left, but also in my size. I was so excited I accidentally locked myself in the dressing room so the shop assistant had to help me to get out. In the end my face was as red as the dress (and a crayfish), but I was happy because now I finally have a good dress for the party! Score!

Trying to look happy and Friday ready! Maybe I’m not even capable of faking it until I make it, but I know tomorrow is Saturday and that means bachelorette party and high tea. Two things I usually never turn down. And on Sunday, I’ll be down at the Riverstage cheering for my crazy friend who’ll be running half marathon. She’ll finish around 8am which means we’re going to celebrate with a big, over the top breaky.

Happy Friday!

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