Camping weekend in Rainbow Beach

Hi all! Happy Wednesday aka little Saturday! It’s grey and raining outside, so what’s better than showing you some photos from our amazing trip to sunny Rainbow Beach last weekend?
We were camping together with approximately 15 of our friends (I’ve lost count on how many people we are in the friend group at the moment haha). Half of the group travelled to Rainbow Beach on the Thursday, but Jarryd and I decided to just take Friday off and drive up on Friday morning instead together with a friend. It took us around 3 hours from South Brisbane to S.S. Dorrigo Campsite in Rainbow Beach. Since our friends got there the day before, they had found an amazing spot for all of us. We called it hell due to the lack of breeze and the scorching temperature (one of my most valued lessons living in Australia is to never run barefoot on the sand in the middle of a summer afternoon).
Our camping spot was close to not only one but two (!) public restrooms which was highly appreciated. There was a constant fear though because of a gastro outbreak that happened a couple of days before our arrival. Everyone was prepared with proper hand soap, tonnes of water and common sense regarding hygiene.
Only 4W cars could reach the camp site. All other cars were parked by the main road which was just a couple of minutes away by foot. One friend had some issues with his car and had to do some MacGyver fixings on the spot.
The real beach and the ocean were just behind the tents.
Our kitchen for the weekend.
Tents and people all around the camp site.
And this is my and Jarryd’s tent. It serves its purpose, but we are definitely getting a new tent for Christmas. Also, how cute doesn’t it look with the flowers?
I thought it was a bit chilly during the night, but Jarryd kept saying it was too hot.
We decided to skip the rain cover and had a beautiful view.
However, this guy’s view was probably a tiny bit better hehe.
Rainbow Beach was really amazing and you can get here with 4W vehicles and you’re also allowed to bring dogs (they have to be on a leash though). I thought this would be the perfect spot to play some Swedish Kubb.
As always, it got a bit competitive and the sticks were occasionally thrown a bit too aggressively. This is the type of game that everyone loves and you can find it in stores such as Mind Games here in Australia.
Fishing was of course also on the agenda. Unfortunately, no one really had any luck.
We were mostly catching seaweed.
But that’s alright when it’s this beautiful.
The wind making it impossible to take a cute couple selfie.
Not going anywhere without my ginger beer.
This was probably the most popular spot during the weekend.
In the evenings, we made our dinners and had long chats and laughs by the camp fire. Not even the mosquitos would scare us away.
Compulsory night strolls by the beach. It was a full moon and we didn’t need torches.
Thanks to all my friends and thank you Rainbow Beach for a wonderful weekend! This is definitely life quality ♡

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