Bunya Mountains & a sheep farm

A couple of weekends ago, Jarryd and I decided to leave a Friday stressful Brisbane and drive three hours northwest. We ended up at Rangemore Estate, a sheep farm run by Dave, where we had booked a cabin for the weekend. We also shared the property with his 200 sheep and goats, two dogs, one alpaca and wild kangaroos. The view from our front porch was incredible and in the distance, you could see the beginning of the Bunya Mountains, which was the main destination on the Saturday.  
But first it was time for breakfast and I had coco pops as entree while Dave was cooking our delicious omelettes (all breakfast was included in the accommodation price and Dave was a great and generous cook). 
The sheep and goats were also a hungry bunch and made sure everyone on the property could hear their disappointed screams when the breakfast was one hour late. Dave came to the rescue and gave his woolly babies the anticipated breaky. 
Taking a stroll on the farm and constantly hoping it is just a tree branch on the ground and not a brown snake…
The guarding alpaca, taking its role very seriously and always made sure to give you the angry stares when petting the sheep. 
Kevin and I. 
We left for the Bunya Mountains after breakfast and decided to do the longer hike in the national park. We swapped the dry farmlands for green jungle.
Bunya Mountains also has a surplus of wallabies. There are roughly 20,000 wallabies in the area according to Dave and you really had to watch your step to avoid stepping on one. 
One yellow chair, Joey, mama wallaby, parrot and tourists in one photo. Score!
Jarryd found a new friend. The poor, ugly bush turkey in the background did not get any love from the tourists.
On our way back to Dave and his sheep farm, we made a stop at Coomba Falls outside of the village Maidenwell. 
This is one of those perfect places to spend a warm summer Saturday. 
We managed to get back to the cabin and the sheep before the sunset. This was enjoyed with cold Coronas and homemade dinner. We said goodbye to Dave and all the animals on Sunday morning and made a quick stop in Toowoomba. Responsibilities were calling in Brisbane, but we felt ready for a new week in the big city after a relaxing and calm weekend on the farm. 

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