Botanical gardens and date night

The day started with a cup of coffee! I do miss the Swedish coffee a lot, but this Nespresso stuff works fine as well. I couldn’t be too slow with the coffee and breaky because I had to be at Johanna and Loora’s place at 11. We we going to walk from their house to the Botanical gardens.

One of my favourite sections is the Japanese garden. It’s so beautiful with the ponds, streams and cherry blossoms. It seemed to be a favourite among many others too. We had to share the garden with approximately 500 shool children.

One day I might bring my yoga matt (and really good ear plugs) and sit under one of the cherry trees. Mmmm, I’ll probably fall asleep, but it’ll be worth it. I think it’s the time for the possums mating season and they are being more crazy and loud than usual. They sound like Rottweilers running around on the roof, chasing each other while hissing hysterically. Yeah, I need my peace and quiet under that cherry blossom.

One summer day it might even be tempting to go for a swim in this green, mouldy pond!

Eastern water dragons and snakes hiding around this stream. We actually saw a Brown snake during our little stroll. It’s one of the deadliest snakes in the world and yeah, one of them decided to hang out in the Botanical gardens. The gardener also wanted to show us the python that usually sleeps above a flower field, above all the unaware guests. Maybe one day this fat slithery friend accidentally falls down on one of the tourists, but luckily it won’t be me. I’ll stay away from that part of the Botanical gardens hehe.

These fellows were really aggressive! I don’t know if they are males fighting or a male and a female mating? It was really intense though.

One of the Eastern water dragons really looked like a champion.

After a while I was tired of fighting lizards and dangerous snakes, so I decided to walk back home to my house and get ready for my and Jarryd’s date night. I put some makeup on and voila! I was ready for a romantic evening. I don’t know what’s wrong with my left eyebrow though. It has a couple of super dark hairs and looks really weird with and without makeup. Anyway, I was ready for the date night with Jarryd and my weird eyebrow!

We went to the Japanese restaurant Mizu in Teneriffe. We started with mixed sushi rolls. Noon nooom.

The second dish was the kingfish in teryiaki sauce.

Then we had sliced duck breast.

Finally, the dinner ended with a chocolate and banana spring roll with green tea ice cream. Even Jarryd who’s lactose intolerant and not a big banana fan liked this dessert! Score!

After the dinner we drove back home to our blue house in Paddington. I listened to P3 documentaries and eventually we fell asleep to the possum inferno on the roof.

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  1. Australia really sound wild and dangerous. It seems like Nature camouflages all the poisonous things behind great beauty.The most dangerous (or annoying) animal around here is Ville and of course the hundreds of moose flies. Yakkk!!

    1. Haha I know! But the snakes are not beautiful though… The scary thing is that all the venomous creatures are living so close to us. But so far so good!

      Kiss William from me! ❤️

    1. I’ll show you all the beautiful places when you come over for a visit! And I’ll also take you to the koalad and kangaroos 😀

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