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Visiting the Cape of Good Hope is a must do for every tourist in South Africa. It’s said to be the most southern part of Africa, which is not entirely true. But despite this old lie, it’s a cool place to visit and you can almost feel the excitement and maybe fear that would wash over the sailors who finally made it to the Cape of Good Hope, but who also knew there was still a long and dangerous sail to their final destinations. Since it’s quite far to Cape of Good Hope from Cape Town you’ll have the opportunity to stop at other beautiful locations along the way. My family decided to make a stop at the “Swim-with-penguins” beach, which is exactly what it sounds like. This beach is crowded by both humans and sneaky penguins. We also went on sea lion safari. This was also exactly what is sounds like. A small, crowded boat from where you could watch sleeping sea lions on a rock. Maybe I was secretly hoping to see a shark since this place must have been like a drawer full of KitKats for a Great White. 

Remember to stay at the smaller and more unexpected places when you’re making your trip to Cape of Good Hope!

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