An ordinary week

I’ve been to a birthday party at Point Hotel and as usual the view from the rooftop was amaze balls. 

Photos from my beautiful neighbourhood Paddington. I usually do my regular jog or walk in these steep hills. 

I’m trying to do more walking instead of going by bus. It only takes approximately 30 minutes from my house to the city center by foot.  

The view from the library where I spend one hour now and then to use their computers (more precisely MS Word, but now we finally have it on our computer YAY) and free wifi.

Celebrating the end of my cold with a selfie. Still a bit sick, but now I can actually leave the bed again!

Window display at Vinnies I arranged for this week. I’ve been in charge of the window displays the last couple of weeks which is a lot of fun!  There are more dresses and stuff that you can’t see in the photo 🙂 I’ll be working at the shop every Monday and Thursday until October when I start working at University of Queensland. 

Since it was 30 degrees this Saturday, Jarryd and I decided to spend a couple of hours by the lake in the Enoggera Reservoir. The water temperature was perfect (for a Swede, not an Aussie) and it was so relaxing leaving the buzzy city for a while. The only bad thing was the extremely territorial bush turkey. And the sneaky crows stealing my homebaked cinnamon buns. But the day was awesome anyway. 

Happy couple finding a way to dodge the angry turkey 🙂 The plan for this weekend is to pick Jarryd’s grandmother up in Toowoomba and drive to Dalby to visit their relatives. And after the roadtrip we might go to the Flower Festival in Toowoomba and see all the beautiful gardens, eat tasty food at the food market and listen to the live music. Super pumped for the rest of this week!

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  1. Is the blue house where you live? It’s beautiful. Funny birds in Australia : ) Good that your cold is almost over! Love : )

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