The first half of October has been very hectic, and therefore I haven’t had time for my poor blog. My biggest priority has been lodging my $7000 visa application together with Jarryd. Here are some other things I’ve been up to these rainy October days.

I was finally eligible for Medicare once the partner visa application was lodged and I went to the CBD to get a new Medicare card. I can afford to be sick again! Unfortunately, dental isn’t covered by it. This is really bad news since I’m having issues with one of my wisdom teeth. I’m sitting here with gauze swabs in my mouth and cursing every fifth minute because of the pain. Why didn’t this happen in Sweden when I had my dental insureance?! Bad timing, universe. Luckily I managed to get an appoinment at the dentist across the road from us this Thursday. Time to remove this bad boy.

A quick stroll in the CBD.

We felt a bit tired of the city life and decided to do a hike. Hello nature! Of course there was time for the mandatory hike selfie.

The best way to spend my last free days before starting work again. Painting while watching my absolute favourite tv-show: Historieätarna (History eaters?). The paintings will be framed and more pictures will be shown here on the blog.

The flowers and plants were looking good in the beginning of October, but after one and a half weeks of constant rain they’ve lost some of their life spirit 🙁

It was a real Hallelujah moment for me when I managed to find Swedish (sour) beer and my dress for Halloween. I’m going to be Princess Peach because I’m going to be the fourth memeber in the Super Mario team at the annually Beer-Halloween-competition-party. Now I only have to make a crown. I promise there’ll be photos of the complete outfit!

Hello Göran! Please don’t harass the guinea pigs. They’re smaller than you and can’t really defend themselves. You can find food elsewhere 🙂

I went to a graduation party where they had a kegg containing 37 liters of beer! It was a great party with many beer games (good practice for the beer competition on Halloween). On the way to the party we met this Ola driver. Crazy start to a crazy night.

When I started to feel a little bit homesick, we decided to make a visit to IKEA. It felt even more like home to visit this magical place due to the cold and rain. After spending a bit too much money at the food court, we had a delicious Sunday dinner. Meatballs, herring, pickled cucumber, potatoes, brown sauce and sour cream. Nom nooom!

This is my second last week of my holiday, because on the 23rd of October I’m back at the fire laboratory. This means early mornings, salary, colleagues, lunch boxes and commuting. I’m a little bit nervous, but at the same time happy because this is a chance of having a normal permanent life in Australia!

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