I was born in Borås, Sweden in the year of 1992.  I grew up with lakes and forests outside my doorstep and nature has been my happy place since I was a child. My parents house has always been full of dogs and cats, and I was playing five different music instruments during my childhood (not very well, but good enough to start a band together with three friends).
At the age of 18, it was time to leave my home and start my University studies in Lund. After four years, many parties and a couple of important life experiences later, I finally completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Service Management. 
I was living and working in the idyllic Geirangerfjord for four summers, combining a camping receptionist work with parties and wonderful hikes in the Norwegian mountains. I have also been backpacking in Europe, Central America, the United States and Africa.
In 2016, I decided to leave the rainy west coast of Sweden and move to sunny Brisbane in Australia. This is when I first met my Aussie boyfriend, who is the reason why I never left this country. 
Today, I am working as an office administrator at an engineering firm and during my spare time I keep myself occupied with hiking, second hand/vintage shopping, painting and gardening. This is what makes my life more deep-coloured and what I will be sharing the most in this blog. 
Welcome! ♡