A Generous Life

Hawkesbury Wildflowers With Lemons, 1971
The Card Players, 1966
Kitchen Door with Mandarins, 1972
The Queenslander, 1951
Pug Dog Bonnie Sue, 1965
Still Life  
Margaret Olley - a treasured original
Margaret Olley (1923-2011)
Before I can start this weekend with a good conscious, I have a confession to make. I do not have a great knowledge of Australian art or artists and I can count the number of visits to art galleries and exhibitions on the fingers of one hand. Although, this is about to change, because I have finally planned my next art exhibition field trip. 
“Margaret Olley: A Generous Life” is a free exhibition at GOMA featuring more than 100 works by Margaret Olley who is one of Australia’s most loved artists. She had a love of travel and a passion for still life, interiors and portraiture. Olley moved to Brisbane in 1935 and “A Generous Life” highlights these formative years in the family home in Hill End.  
I do feel a bit harsh saying this, but it is quite rare for me to feel a connection with Australia due to my Swedish heritage. I know this will eventually get better with time, but a part of me is scared of the fact that maybe I never will feel completely connected to this amazing country. However, when I saw Olley’s paintings featuring Brisbane, I did feel that fuzzy, embracing feeling of affiliation and familiarity. The art is soothing and warmly, just how you want your own home to feel like. And this is the second reason why I really enjoy her art. Every interior painting is like an inspiration picture on my vision board or Pinterest. The vintage carafes and cake stands, beautiful flower arrangements and handpicked fruit from the garden. Hopefully my Queenslander will look like one of Olley’s creations one day. 
Do you have a favourite Australian artist? Who and why? Please share, I want all your tips!

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