Källa ödekyrka

This second Öland post will touch a theme which has randomly become a quite popular theme in my blog. Medieval churches! I’ve always had an interest for history and archeology, but churches were never on my top ten list, but I’ve recently had the opportunity to visit early medieval churches with very exciting pasts. On Öland I visited Källa Ödekyrka (Källa Old Church) which is situated in the village Källa on the northeastern part of the island. The church was not only intended for Christian worship and studies; it was also a defence facility due to worrisome times around the Baltic Sea. When I took my first step inside the church it feelt like I was a part of the world of Game of Thrones. The building could easily be considered to be simple, cold and gray. However, when I realized the importance the building has had for people over 750 years I felt humble and appreciated the beauty of the church.












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