One Sunday in Redcliffe

Like every Sunday, I try to seize the last day of freedom before it’s time to dive into the new week of stress and responsibilities. This usually means I try to leave everything that reminds me of my ordinary life and instead focus on exploring. One Sunday in June was no exception, so we ended up in Redcliffe. 

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400 years later

OK. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. Four months to be correct, and that’s not cool. I’ll take the easy way out and blame my cyberspace absence on life. That’s the easiest and laziest excuse. But life has been quite hectic and I’m currently living the 8 to 5 Aussie life, trying to balance work, boyfriend, friends, family, health, interests, finance, etc etc. Life was so much easier when I, according to the Australian Immigration Department, was only a good, old tourist. However, I’ll do my best to pick up from where I left. I have so much to share with you!


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