Seven days photo bomb

This photo bomb from the last couple of days starts with a snack after my first shift at my new internship/job at Queensland Cricketers’ Club. I found Pearl café in the Gabba and had the sourdough with olive oil before catching my bus home to Paddington.
Magazines in the bathroom at the café. My eyes were drawn to the fantastic house. 
Walking past this beautiful barber shop on my way to the bus stop. 
Last week, Jarryd and I were spending a lot of time with our plants preparing them for summer. We gave them new soil and fertilizer. We have new vegetables, but so far, the tomato is the only survivor. My little Chinese Money plants are looking more and more tired which is really sad. My plant babies… 
Our oldest plant that started this whole plant addiction: the fig tree. It was our old housemate who left the fig tree on the veranda when she moved to Europe. It was supposed to be picked up by her friend. After many weeks, no friend showed up and I had to start giving the poor plant water. I decided to adopt the plant and that was our first plant. The smaller fig tree is originally from the bigger tree.  
We also added a Sentinel to our collection. My dream is to have a really big Sentinel to attract parrots. Now, we only have bush turkeys and bin chickens in our garden.
A quick ginger beer stop before watching the Joker at the movies. Tasty ginger beer and a fantastic movie that really touched me. After the movie, I went to a friend’s place in Kangaroo Point and played games and talked for ours. 
Halloween is lurking in the shadows and soon it is time for the annual Halloween party at our friend’s house. We will compete against teams in beer tasting competitions, beer pong, flip cup, etc, etc. A crazy fun night with other words! It was time for Jarryd, my two other team mates and I to meet up and discuss theme and outfits. We decided to have dinner at Fish Lane in South Bank. 
Buzzing Fish Lane!
With all the lights and street art. 
This night we were heading to Saccharomyces Beer Café.
At the beer café you can borrow a wide range of games and play pinball. Jarryd and I were playing four in a row while waiting for our team mates. I lost very badly… The good thing is that theme and costumes were decided and I have already managed to buy everything needed for my outfit.
I did my makeup and hair on the bedroom floor as always. Still in desperate need of a haircut ehhh.
Last Saturday started with kayaking in the Brisbane River. 
The kayaking was was a Christmas gift to Jarryd and I from Jarryd’s aunt. Unfortunately, the storm was on its way but we decided to give the kayaking a go. We managed to reach the Story Bridge when it started raining. Luckily, we got new vouchers and will be going kayaking again in two weeks for free.
Good morning, tired Brisbane.
For lunch we decided to try the Vietnamese restaurant Ngon in Paddington. Super tasty food and drinks! 
Like every other night, I have been stalking the neighbourhood possums. This mom has a little baby on her back and makes sure no other possum will bully it. Good mama! And this what I have been up to the last couple of days. Now it is time to heat up homemade lasagna and bake a chocolate cake. Happy Tuesday everyone!
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A Tuesday list about everything

© Lily Bostroem

Do you have?

Beer in the fridge:
Yes, I have non-alcoholic beer in the fridge at the moment. I really enjoy a cold beer while I am cooking and together with the dinner. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find tasty non-alcoholic beer here in Australia. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know!
A pet:
I do not have any pets here in Brisbane, but my parents have one cat in Sweden. His name is William and he is a Cornish Rex. He is very talkative, a bit weird and loves annoying my mom. But at the same time, he is extremely fond of his family and wants to cuddle every day.
A favourite candy:
I really love Swedish candy and every month I spend way too much money on candy at IKEA. My absolute favourite candy is salty liquorice and especially the sort called Djungelvrål.
Makeup setting powder:
No, I do not own makeup setting powder, but I used to when I was younger. My skin is too dry during the winter and I sweat too much during the summer. I also think the powder can be a bit excessive at daytime. I currently only own a concealer which I use when I dress up at weekends.
Any plans for the future:
I have so many plans, but one really important is to eventually move back to Sweden together with Jarryd. 
An addiction:
I definitely have a sugar addiction and I try to eat sweets, biscuits and ice cream after meals instead at random times. I do have less cravings than before. My substitute when I get the cravings for sweets is pistachios.
Nail polish:
I only own one nail polish and I rarely wear it. I am very bad at applying it on my nails and I hate the fact that it only looks good for one day. If I ever wear nail polish, I usually go for the more natural colours or black.
A friend living in another country:
I think 80% of my friends live outside Australia. It is not a surprise that most of my friends live in Sweden, but I also have friends in New Zealand. It is hard being away from so many amazing people and I hate the feeling of not being a part of my friends’ daily lives. However, it is always a big occasion when we finally meet, and it makes it very special.


Do you hate:
Not really anyone I know personally. Maybe people who abuses power and Internet trolls. Those people do not make this world a better place.
Do you miss:
Too many…
Annoys you:
Pretentious people.
Do you cuddle:
A dog or a cat whenever I have the opportunity. Otherwise, I have my daily cuddles with Jarryd of course.
Cooks at home:
We share the cooking at home. Some days I cook and other days Jarryd cooks, but usually we cook together. It depends on our schedules and what we are cooking. We also make sure that the chef of the day does not have to do the final dishes.


Do you wake up in the morning:
The days I work, I usually wake up at 6:30 and I catch the bus at 7:00. If I am not working, I sleep until 8:00-8:30.
Do you go to bed:
I am in bed around 9:30-10:00. I try to do some meditation/mindfulness exercises for a couple of minutes before falling asleep (I use the app Smiling Mind).
Is your birthday:
My birthday is on the 28th of November. It is usually cold, grey and rainy when I celebrate my birthday in Sweden. Instead, here in Brisbane it is usually too warm and sweaty.
Was the last time you went to the movies:
I think the last time I went to the movies was in April or May and that is when I saw Bohemian Rhapsody?


Are you doing right now:
I am in the Brisbane Square Library writing this list. The reason why I sit here is the free WiFi and the air-conditioning. It is around 30 degrees outside which means it is too warm to be at home.
Are you doing later today:
When it has cooled down, I will catch a bus home and prepare a bit for a job interview tomorrow. I am planning to go for a run (definitely when it has cooled down), and we are eating leftovers from yesterday for dinner. There will finally be plenty of time for longer meditations and reading.
Do you fear:
Water shortage crisis (watch Explained on Netflix) and losing family and friends. 
Is your strength:
I am always trying to do my best. I am loyal and I want people to feel good. I can be a bit shy, but when you know me, I am a very warm person.
Is your weakness:
I stress, worry and whine sometimes. This is the reason I was recommended to start with mindfulness!
Do you want to do for work:
I really enjoy mixing administration with creative work such as photography, layout and texts. I like a more project-based work. Running my own business and being my own boss would be really cool.
Brings you joy right now:
Cute animals, mentally preparing for our move in January, amazing friends at work and outside work, Jarryd planning for our anniversary in November (I’m not sure if I am supposed to know about this planning hihi), hilarious Youtube videos I have missed (watch Bob Katter segues from gay marriage to crocodile attacks) and skyping with my family.
Are you wearing:
Black t-shirt with flowery velvet prints, baggy jeans and white sneakers. “Tuesday comfy” was my fashion inspiration today.
Are you going to do right now:
I am going to publish this post and thereafter do a quick stroll in the city. Then it is time to head back home and enjoy my evening in Paddington!
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Thursday – job searching, second hand skirt and dumplings

Wow! Already Monday again and I feel so behind schedule. This post was supposed to be updated last Friday, but nope, I completely forgot. While I am waiting for the pumpkin in the oven, I have some spare time to finally publish the post about last Thursday.
Yes, you guessed it! I was applying for jobs pretty much the whole day. I am planning to do some casual sales assistant work during the Christmas holidays to get some extra cash. I am also looking for an admin job on the side while I have a casual position at the university. Finding any type of job has been a long, difficult process. It finally feels like I can see the light in the end of the job searching tunnel though!
To remain sane and not climbing the walls at home, I spend a couple of hours at the local cafe called Sassafras. A cup of flat white makes everything easier!
Swapped full cream milk for oat milk, nomnomnoom!
I also tried my newly bought second hand skirt from Salvos in Red Hill. It is colourful, not too short and reasonably priced for a second hand clothing.
Then it was time for dinner and I decided to make dumplings, squid, spicy corn and sugar peas with a dipping sauce (plus a lot of chili, spring onion and coriander). Very yummy! And that folks, was last Thursday!
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Lunch date, homemade tapas, Brisbane Festival and a birthday party.

Just like every other day, last Friday started on the front porch with a cup of coffee in the sofa next to the plant collection. It is the perfect opportunity to check how the plants are doing. We currently have a bunch of new seedlings and we are trying to give them some extra care and love. I also applied for some jobs before the start of the weekend. 
Managed to take two selfies before I had to run to the bus. I was wearing a typical outfit: loose t-shirt with a long, pleated skirt and sunglasses. For me it does not matter what kind of weather it is, I will always wear my sunnies. I have noticed that my eyes have become much more sensitive to the sunlight recently and this is the only way to keep the tears away.
Ray Bans and my super frizzy hair. I had to survive without a conditioner for a couple of days which was very painful. It is also definitely time for a visit to the hairdresser ehhh.
I headed down to South Bank at lunch time because Jarryd and I had planned a lunch date together. I saw the preparations before the final day of the Brisbane Festival on my way to Jarryd’s work. The festival always end with the traditional fireworks along the riverside and a jet show. I met up with Jarryd and we decided to try an American inspired restaurant.
It is not always easy to find a $12 lunch in South Bank! 
I found this spinning wheel tucked away in a dark corner behind baby chairs. I asked the waitress if we could get a spin but she was unfortunately not as eager.
Posing with the house red wine. I have no photo of the lunch, but try to picture a plate with chicken wings and a garden salad.
Then I said goodbye to Jarryd since he had to run back to work, but I decided to explore South Bank a bit more before going home. I visited Brisbane Art Gallery and realised that the NASA exhibition “A Human Adventure” will end soon. I talked to Jarryd (who is a real space nerd) and we decided that we would make a visit on the Saturday before the Riverfire.
Friday evening and I had the house to myself and I decided to make tapas consisting of chili and garlic prawns, scallop, asparagus with a touch of lemon and baked chèvre with a hot and cold tomato salad. I also found some salami and olives in the fridge. With the tapas I drank a natural wine called  #003 Amber from Swining Bridge. I bought it at Spiros in Paddington and they recommended it to me since they know I usually buy sour, fruity beers. 
I really enjoyed this wine together with my spicy tapas. 
The Saturday started with a hunt for a 30th birthday gift. We spent 3 hours (!) looking for a drainage pot. The CBD was super busy due to the Brisbane Festival and excitement was in the air before the annual Riverfire. Of course we had to make a stop and listen to some good tunes on Queen Elizabeth St.
We finally found a birthday gift and crossed the bridge between the CBD and South Bank. It was lunchtime and our stomachs were growling for food (and something cold to drink in the heat).
Hello from  Saccharomyces Beer Cafe! 
We shared a plate with brisket bites, BBQ sauce and chips. 
When the plate and glasses were empty, it was time for the NASA exhibition “A Human Adventure”. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos from the museum or the Riverfire. After the exhibition, we spent a couple of hours in a packed pub in an even more packed South Bank. The fireworks were amazing and it was a really good end to the Brisbane Festival and our Saturday.
In a blink of an eye, it was Sunday and time for a 30th birthday party. Before heading to the party, I had to get the birthday gift ready. The gift was one of our Chinese Money plants together with a painting made by me, plant information and of course the pot we found the day before. Hopefully the pot will be the plants home when it is bigger.
At the party there was an actual birthday pig. It had been rotating over the grill for hours and was stuffed with lemongrass, garlic, onions, and much more deliciousness. It was so tasty! We stayed at the party for a couple of hours, but then it was time to go home and prepare for a new work week. And woosh, the weekend was over!
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Friday again

Today is the last Friday of September. My nose and eyes are already feeling the allergy itchiness, which means it is once again time to bring out the eye drops, nose spray and the non-drowsy antihistamine. Otherwise, nothing super exciting has happened this week. I have been doing my daily job searching, had one interview and did one day of work at the university. I know next week is going to look exactly the same.
For a while I thought the key ingredient for my negative thoughts was being home and alone for a long period of time. Now, I am starting to realise that the issue may not be the fact that I am spending a lot of time by myself and at home. Maybe, I am just feeling a lack of purpose in this world and failure of achieving self fulfillment? And would this magically be solved by getting a full-time employment? Depends on the job, of course, but probably not. The luxury of only working one day a week and having complete power of my schedule means I suddenly have a lot of free time. I understand my mood is more negatively affected by not knowing how to spend this time and not being able to set goals for myself. Who am I really?
This makes me think about what Benjamin Franklin said. “When you’ve finished changing, you’re finished’. I believe after moving to Australia and completely reconstructing my world, I never really had the chance to stop for a minute and analyse how I felt about life and myself. Now, when there is no lack of time or a job title to hide behind, I have really had the opportunity to scan myself, my emotions and my desires. But nothing is supposed to be easy, right? I am still trying to figure out who I am today and what I want to achieve. It is a long and quite difficult process, just like life itself . 
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During our trip to Sweden, I really wanted to show Jarryd Sweden’s western archipelago. We started at Tanum to see the rock carvings from the Scandinavian bronze age and iron age. The rock carvings in Tanum were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. You can walk around in the area and see the different carvings, and there is also a museum with free entrance.
This whale was my favourite rock carving!
We continued south to Fjällbacka, a small fishing village and tourist resort in summer. This is where Ronja Rövardotter was filmed and where Camilla Läckberg’s murder mysteries are taking place. 
Beautifully situated by the water and was at one point said to be the county’s busiest fishing village.  
The local gas station for boats. 
Enthusiastically waiting for my lunch on the jetty. We ate at the cafe/bistro called Bryggan.
Pasta with homemade smoked salmon and newly caught shrimps. Nomnom!
The best word to describe the archipelago would definitely be “Hygge”. 
Our last stop during our roadtrip was in Kungshamn and we stayed here for a mandatory fika. I do highly recommend to make a visit to the island Smögen if you are visiting. 
There are many villages and islands to visit on Sweden’s western archipelago, but it does not stop here. You also have the Stockholm archipelago and the Norrland coast archipelago!
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Twice upon a time in Gothenburg

Brisbane. You warm, sunny city I slowly fall for every day. You are truly amazing. You have given me so many memories and experiences that I would never have been able to gain back home. You have made it possible for me to meet my wonderful partner and all my new friends. For this, I am sincerely grateful. I know Brisbane is one of the places I will always call my second home.
Despite my love for Brisbane, I know that I eventually want to return to my country in the north. When this will happen depends on many factors. I need the right Australian visa that actually allows me to move abroad. Jarryd must feel ready to teake this exciting, stressful, overwhelming and truly amazing leap. I have to admit, my nostalgic and Sweden loving heart has secretly been thinking and planning this move a little bit in advance. This is definitely not written in stone, but one of my favourite cities in Sweden is without a doubt Göteborg (Gothenburg) and I believe this could potentially one day be the city where we decide to live. Therefore, I want to show you some photos from two occasions when Jarryd and I visited Gothenburg!
During Christmas 2017, we made a visit to Liseberg which is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia. As a child and annoying teenager, I spent a lot of time here with my family and friends. My hometown Borås is only one hour away and the trains stop just outside of the park. There are green bunnies running around the park and you can make a visit to the Bunny land (important, if you are expecting real bunnies or something from the Playboy magazine, you will be disappointed). 
Since it is basically dark from 3pm during the winter, I unfortunately do not have any daytime photos. But we were happy anyway because the best thing about Christmas at Liseberg is the cosy Christmas lights. 
After we had played the chocolate wheel, inspected the Christmas market and drunk too much mulled wine (non-alcoholic eh), it was time to leave Liseberg for this time. Next time, I will force poor Jarryd to join me in the FlumRide. 
Approximately five days later, we managed to survive Christmas Eve and had made it to Christmas Day. Unlike Australia, we do not really celebrate anything on Christmas Day (all celebrations happen on Christmas Eve) and many people are using this day as an escape from family, relatives, responsibilities, musts, traditions and expectations. Christmas Day is actually one of the biggest party days in Sweden. Of course I felt obligated to show Jarryd how this is done, and there is no place better than Andra Långgatan! The best party/pub street in Gothenburg.
We arrived by bus from Borås and we met up with a bunch of my friends who were already in Gothenburg getting mentally ready for a crazy night out. But before shots, beers and margaritas, we decided to make a short stop to get some food and let the warmth return to our cold toes. I ordered a mandatory Irish coffee.
Down Under Bar was one of many places we visited that night. I have an Aussie friend in Sweden who really wanted to show Jarryd this magical place where you can find Victorian Bitter and kangaroo pie (if I remember correctly).
It was a looong night and this is the last photo taken which summarizes the evening quite well. We magically managed to get the last tram and train back to Borås. This was Jarryd’s first, but not last, visit to Gothenburg.
It was finally time to show Jarryd beautiful Gothenburg in summertime. We had already been to the archipelago on the west coast, so it was time for some city life. Again, we arrived to Gothenburg by bus from Borås. 
Trams everywhere! Luckily we found the right tram and met up with Siri and Johan for a longed-for lunch together.
Strolling around the city and enjoying the Swedish summer. 
An old video I found on my phone, and even though it is not from this Summer, it does show you a little bit from the streets of Gothenburg. 
Of course I had to visit at least one second hand shop while visiting the big city and I really fell in love with this painting. It reminds me so much of Sweden and one of my old art teachers.
Mandatory Fika in the old neighbourhood Haga. 
Just like our last adventure in Gothenburg, we ended up on the party/pub street Andra Långgatan. Jarryd feeling extra Swedish on a pub called The Danish.
When we had enjoyed the last sunlight of the day, we moved to the restaurant where Daniella and Viktor were waiting for us. We enjoyed a dinner with massive pizzas and yummy drinks.
Hopefully we will have the opportunity to visit Gothenburg soon again, and hopefully one day this could potentially be a place we will call home!
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Saturday retro shopping

One of the luxuries of living in beautiful Paddington is all the amount of antique, vintage and second hand shops you can find here. One of the shops I regularly visit is the Empire Revival (Paddington Antique Centre) on 167 Latrobe Terrace. The building is a heritage-listed cinema built in 1929. The atmosphere makes this place a spot for antiques and vintage. You can find anything from jewellery, fashion, furniture and homewares. Here are some photos of my favourites from my last visit!
This is probably my favourite section. 1920’s party dresses and a wide range of different jewellery and brick-a-brack. It also seems like the prices in this part are a little bit cheaper compared to the rest of the shop.
A lot of different kitchenware, glass, porcelain, chinaware, and so on. The prices can at times be a bit expensive, but I have managed to find reasonably priced tarte forms, crystal glasses and bowls, and chinaware. 
I found a pair of candle holders, but unfortunately I do not have any space for these at home at the moment. If you are interested, these can be found in one of the kitchenware sections. 
A great collection of old bottles and glass containers.
Beautiful fabrics and patterns!
Next visit, I will be looking for a new bedside lamp.
Women’s clothing section, a wide range of different styles from different eras. 
Of course there is a Scandinavian design corner! I always spend a lot of time here, wishing I had more space at home and a very, very big wallet…
These photos are just showing a small fraction of the whole shop, so be prepared to spend at least one hour strolling around to really get the chance to find the vintage and second hand nuggets. Due to the location of the shop, it is very easy to access other vintage/second hand shops in the area by just continuing down Latrobe Terrace towards the city. Enjoy your shopping!
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The last weeks of winter

Since I have not been blogging for the last months, I thought I could show you some bits and pieces from the last weeks before spring arrived. Pretty much every day started in the sofa on the front porch, which is the warmest place in the house during the morning hours. This winter has been really cold and the best way to start a new day is definitely in the sun with a cup of coffee. This is also the time when I check my plant and making sure the possum has not been taking any bites of my babies. 
I have been wandering around in the city now when I have had more hours to spare. This photo was taking on my stroll to Roma Street Parklands. 
Jarryd and I had a date night and we decided to try Creole Soul Kitchen in Spring Hill. We started with duck wings with a Louisiana pepper jelly sauce. Then we had chicken and sausage gumbo for mains. Really delicious food and affordable prices! 
Paddington has been looking beautiful, just as always!
I attended the event Christmas in July Pub Crawl and the theme was Christmas in your home country. I was dressed as Santa Lucia (Saint Lucia) and it was my friend Johanna and I who represented Swedish Christmas. We managed to visit 10 out of 12 pubs and it was an amazing day and night! 
I made a visit to the Sunshine Coast and it was almost warm enough for a swim. I also finally had the opportunity to try the Scandinavian Cafe and of course I had to get a glass of O’boy. Very nostalgic! This is what I drank every morning for almost 18 years.
Pub Choir at Jarryd’s job (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, choir singing at the pub). We sang “You’re The Voice” by John Farnham. After the singing, we hang out with the colleagues of Jarryd and had a couple of beers. This is the view from Jarryd’s workplace. 
One Sunday hike at the Gold Creek Reservoir.  
We had lunch in Brookfield and I chose a fresh couscous salad. 
Last Sunday, it was time for the annual Scandinavian Festival here in Brisbane. A lot of Scandinavian food and it was also possible to do rune readings.
One of the signs that winter is over and that spring has finally arrived! I am excited to see what spring will bring and I am really ready for it. That was a bunch of photos, hope you enjoyed! 
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Bunya Mountains & a sheep farm

A couple of weekends ago, Jarryd and I decided to leave a Friday stressful Brisbane and drive three hours northwest. We ended up at Rangemore Estate, a sheep farm run by Dave, where we had booked a cabin for the weekend. We also shared the property with his 200 sheep and goats, two dogs, one alpaca and wild kangaroos. The view from our front porch was incredible and in the distance, you could see the beginning of the Bunya Mountains, which was the main destination on the Saturday.  
But first it was time for breakfast and I had coco pops as entree while Dave was cooking our delicious omelettes (all breakfast was included in the accommodation price and Dave was a great and generous cook). 
The sheep and goats were also a hungry bunch and made sure everyone on the property could hear their disappointed screams when the breakfast was one hour late. Dave came to the rescue and gave his woolly babies the anticipated breaky. 
Taking a stroll on the farm and constantly hoping it is just a tree branch on the ground and not a brown snake…
The guarding alpaca, taking its role very seriously and always made sure to give you the angry stares when petting the sheep. 
Kevin and I. 
We left for the Bunya Mountains after breakfast and decided to do the longer hike in the national park. We swapped the dry farmlands for green jungle.
Bunya Mountains also has a surplus of wallabies. There are roughly 20,000 wallabies in the area according to Dave and you really had to watch your step to avoid stepping on one. 
One yellow chair, Joey, mama wallaby, parrot and tourists in one photo. Score!
Jarryd found a new friend. The poor, ugly bush turkey in the background did not get any love from the tourists.
On our way back to Dave and his sheep farm, we made a stop at Coomba Falls outside of the village Maidenwell. 
This is one of those perfect places to spend a warm summer Saturday. 
We managed to get back to the cabin and the sheep before the sunset. This was enjoyed with cold Coronas and homemade dinner. We said goodbye to Dave and all the animals on Sunday morning and made a quick stop in Toowoomba. Responsibilities were calling in Brisbane, but we felt ready for a new week in the big city after a relaxing and calm weekend on the farm. 
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