Long time, no see!

Wow! It wasn’t yesterday when I last updated this blog. 2021 feels ages away, but when I was checking my Google Photos account, it required unusually short time scrolling through the last couple of months. I guess this means I haven’t been up to too much really? One time-consuming event has definitely been starting my new job as Administration Assistant. This has resulted in fried brain after all the training and the managing of the common but draining imposter syndrome. Starting in December 2021, my energy and time has definitely been focused on this new job and hopefully I will eventually get into a better flow which means a more interesting life outside work as well as better content for this blog. However, I have been up to a couple of things during the last weeks of 2021. Let’s go back in time to a Brisbane in spring, birthday celebration and delicious food.
Chicken from Creole Soul Kitchen. This place never disappoints and my interest in the Creole cuisine continue to grow every time I visit. Maybe it’s soon time to make homemade gumbo?
Frozen margarita, yes please! Spring and summer equals this delicious drink.
Jarryd and I visited Vegeme here in South Brisbane when we felt extremely lazy one Tuesday evening. Jarryd tried their vegetarian green curry wok dish which he gave thumbs up.
A coke with ice while waiting for the food.
I had the vegan risotto which was really tasty. It was a lot “creamier” than the photo shows.
We managed to squeeze in a brunch at Three Monkeys, but this time we decided to try something new. Jarryd had the Istanbul sandwich and I tried the bread with three different dip sauces. Unfortunately, Three Monkeys seems to have closed permanently. This is very sad since they had been around for such a long time and I haven’t found many cafés with the same cosy atmosphere here in Brisbane. But thank you Three Monkeys for all the delicious breakfasts and yummy chai teas!
And suddenly, I turned 29. The last year before the big 30. Can time slow down a little bit, please? This cake was made by our friendly Airbnb hosts whom we stayed with during my birthday weekend.
It’s becoming a tradition to celebrate my birthday in this cabin.
Hello there!
We swapped city pigeons, noisy construction work and city people for wallabies, chickens and calmness. This was also the weekend before I started my new job, so peace and quiet was definitely needed to manage my nervousness.
We found some homemade Sheppard’s pies in the freezer – score!
Nothing luxurious, but exactly what I needed.
And the most exotic thing was watching DVD again. Am I the only one that miss manoeuvring the menu?
After DVD watching and a good night’s sleep, we explored the area around Canungra. You know you’re not in the city when people bring their baby goats to the local café.
We visited the Mountview Alpaca Farm for some wine and alpaca cuddles. World’s best combination according to the birthday girl 🙂
Then it was time for the birthday dinner at the Canungra Hotel (which is also becoming a birthday tradition). A cold beer and beautiful company – cheers!
Canungra reminds me of Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls) which is super cosy.
We came back to Brisbane after two nights in Canungra. The city welcomed us with a beautiful sunset.
And POFF – December arrived and it was time for the annual Swedish Christmas market.
Our dinner consisted of meatball and beetroot salad, Christmas porridge and sausage for the Aussie. But we realised we had missed something vital for a Christmas dinner.
JULMUST! If you have never tried, please ensure you buy a bottle when you visit IKEA in December.
Lucia and her handmaidens made a visit and lit up the dark school yard with their lights in their hair during an intense summer storm.
I came home with Swedish candy, Scandinavian children’s books, embroidery, and a heart full of Christmas feeling and warmth.
And then came Christmas eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Days full of food, family friends and well-deserved vacation. 2021 was a year of challenges, laughter, disappointments, lockdowns, financial stability, stress, too much McDonald’s, home sickness, anticipation, volunteering and a lot more. Thanks 2021!
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Camping weekend in Rainbow Beach

Hi all! Happy Wednesday aka little Saturday! It’s grey and raining outside, so what’s better than showing you some photos from our amazing trip to sunny Rainbow Beach last weekend?
We were camping together with approximately 15 of our friends (I’ve lost count on how many people we are in the friend group at the moment haha). Half of the group travelled to Rainbow Beach on the Thursday, but Jarryd and I decided to just take Friday off and drive up on Friday morning instead together with a friend. It took us around 3 hours from South Brisbane to S.S. Dorrigo Campsite in Rainbow Beach. Since our friends got there the day before, they had found an amazing spot for all of us. We called it hell due to the lack of breeze and the scorching temperature (one of my most valued lessons living in Australia is to never run barefoot on the sand in the middle of a summer afternoon).
Our camping spot was close to not only one but two (!) public restrooms which was highly appreciated. There was a constant fear though because of a gastro outbreak that happened a couple of days before our arrival. Everyone was prepared with proper hand soap, tonnes of water and common sense regarding hygiene.
Only 4W cars could reach the camp site. All other cars were parked by the main road which was just a couple of minutes away by foot. One friend had some issues with his car and had to do some MacGyver fixings on the spot.
The real beach and the ocean were just behind the tents.
Our kitchen for the weekend.
Tents and people all around the camp site.
And this is my and Jarryd’s tent. It serves its purpose, but we are definitely getting a new tent for Christmas. Also, how cute doesn’t it look with the flowers?
I thought it was a bit chilly during the night, but Jarryd kept saying it was too hot.
We decided to skip the rain cover and had a beautiful view.
However, this guy’s view was probably a tiny bit better hehe.
Rainbow Beach was really amazing and you can get here with 4W vehicles and you’re also allowed to bring dogs (they have to be on a leash though). I thought this would be the perfect spot to play some Swedish Kubb.
As always, it got a bit competitive and the sticks were occasionally thrown a bit too aggressively. This is the type of game that everyone loves and you can find it in stores such as Mind Games here in Australia.
Fishing was of course also on the agenda. Unfortunately, no one really had any luck.
We were mostly catching seaweed.
But that’s alright when it’s this beautiful.
The wind making it impossible to take a cute couple selfie.
Not going anywhere without my ginger beer.
This was probably the most popular spot during the weekend.
In the evenings, we made our dinners and had long chats and laughs by the camp fire. Not even the mosquitos would scare us away.
Compulsory night strolls by the beach. It was a full moon and we didn’t need torches.
Thanks to all my friends and thank you Rainbow Beach for a wonderful weekend! This is definitely life quality ♡
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Van Gogh, animal rescue and Monday interview

Happy, rainy Monday from Brisbane! It has been pouring down since early this morning and there’s a big pile of water on the ground floor in our apartment building. Rain season is definitely here and according to the weather forecast, it’ll be raining the whole week.
Luckily, we made it home from Rainbow Beach yesterday before all the storms and everything is relatively dry. Today I’ll be organising all the photos from the weekend, but will share photos from two weekends ago (plus a Monday).
We visited the Van Gogh Alive exhibition.
It was a sort of presentation showcasing van Gogh’s artwork and briefly giving you a hint into Vincent’s life by adding snippets from his diary. I recommend this exhibition if you don’t know much about van Gogh, but if you’re already quite familiar with his artwork and life, it might be a bit flat.
Walking through a room full of sunflowers and mirrors.
van Gogh’s bedroom.
Pasta time after exhibition – yum! Our Saturday continued with house inspections and a cosy evening at home watching the Great. It’s amazing and I’m so happy the second season in finally out.
Sunday again and it was time for our volunteering shift with the Animal Ambulance. We picked up this little fella and drove him to the vet. The volunteering can be physically and mentally draining, but it’s so rewarding in the end and I love being able to help these little creatures!
A ginger beer after the 8 hour shift.
Monday started with picking up a package sent by my mum. It contained the things I love the most: snus and salty liquorice.
Off to a job trial in Milton for an admin position. Nervous and excited!
Walked to my old neighbourhood after the job trial. Paddington looking beautiful as always.
Had an iced latte at Sassafras. Totally the best drink during the summer.
On my way back home to South Brisbane. Crossed paths with the local magpie.
The community garden looking good after all the rain the last month.
A coffee shop in West End that always brings a smile to my face.
The Monday finished with an evening stroll along the river. Loving the reflections in the CBD buildings.
Today it’s Monday again and this one is a bit less exciting. I’ve spent half the day inside the apartment looking for more jobs to apply for and houses as well. Wish me luck and I’ll soon share photos from our camping trip to Rainbow Beach ♡
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Two Sundays ago: Job and house hunting, book recommendation & koalas

Poff! Suddenly it’s a new week and we have reached middle of November. Not many weeks left of this year which feels great but also a bit anxious. I’m spending most time on job and house hunting which slowly drains my soul. I’m trying to catch up with my photos, so here are a couple from two Sundays ago.
Spending the majority of my time in this space during the weekdays, and I decided to take some time on Sunday to do some more job and house hunting.
Daily view.
When I’m having some spare time, I try to read. I’m reading Lian Hearn’s “Across the Nightingale Floor”, a book I’ve already read but was keen to read again. Highly recommend!
Very tired Lily before the first coffee of the day.
There we go! It was also no random occasion I chose the koala mug this morning, because I was going to visit some friends in Daisy Hill.
I realised I hadn’t seen koalas in two years so it was definitely time to get some quality koala time. Hi to you sleepy fella!
Butt scratching deluxe! I love these fluffy, smelly creatures. I always feel a lot happier after a koala meeting. After saying goodbye to the koalas, I went home and continued with my job applications. And the Sunday didn’t get more exciting than that. Cheers! ♡
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One interview and throwback Thursday

Finally Thursday and that means Friday is around the corner! I love Fridays even more when I’m not working because it’s my chance to finally hang out with people. And I have a board game night to look forward to and (hopefully) some house inspections. Not only am I trying to figure out what career path I want to make, Jarryd and I also need to find a new home before January. How do you decide what job you should apply for when you don’t know where you’ll live and how do you decide which house to apply for when you don’t know the location of your future job? Eh.
Speaking of new jobs, careers and selling your soul to the corporate devil – I went on a job interview today! One hour too early (like the true Swede I am) and a small nervous breakdown in the public restroom. I always feel like a tired, wet towel left on the bathroom floor when I’ve done a job interview. Exposed and ashamed. Why did I stare into the interviewers eyes two seconds too long when we first shook hands? Why did I say I hate speaking on the phone (even if this is true)? How did I manage to choose the chair with bird poop all over the seat (and not realising this until the end of the interview)? My face has been resting deep into the shame pillow the whole afternoon and I’ve promised myself that I’ll take a break from LinkedIn and SEEK today, just getting a break from the job searching. Much appreciated!
Since it was half a decade ago since I last updated the blog, I thought I could share some photos from the last couple of months (no theme, just randomness). Hey ho, let’s go Throwback Thursday!
On one of many bridges in Brisbane after accidentally (!) feeding a possum a green bean. Yay!
Spent many hours in different parks around Brisbane where I was trying out the new camera and also relaxing (aka sleeping) on a big, cosy blanket.
Look what I found! A Jarrydus Binxus in his natural habitat. I decided to approach.
“Hello, I really like your blanket, can I join?”, I said.
After some struggles and persuasion I was finally allowed to join on the blanket.
Very pretty and photogenic flowers.
Pony tail struggles due to new haircut and bangs.
Three captions of the ultimate park animals in Brisbane.
Walking and having a close look on all the plants and flowers in the park. Can’t wait until I have a garden of my own!
B to the risbane. You’ll look so beautiful with the new Queen’s Wharf.
Spanish breakfast? Of course!
Visiting GOMA to view the exhibition “European Masterpieces – From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York”. It was truly amazing and I’m a bit sad I didn’t visit a second time… Maybe a trip to New York???
Came home to a dirty apartment after the exhibition and wondered if maybe one of my paintings will be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (ha ha ha).
However, I was feeling artsy and inspired, so I took my newly purchased second hand camera bag to the park and harassed the water dragons for a little bit.
A couple of days after the hair was highlighted and it looked respectable (compared to the current possum nest I have on top of my head).
Inspiration was on top and I practiced a lot at home with dead, dried flowers I was given months ago (I forgot to throw them out…). I’m not sure why objects majority of the time end up on the left side? Hm.
Beautiful colours in West End.
And I will finish this post with a photo representing pure disappointment. When you order an iced latte but because of unclear communication, you get an iced coffee instead </3 The person who came up with the iced coffee has obviously an unhealthy relationship to lactose (an iced coffee includes milk, cream and ice cream), but must also strive on chaos since this abomination should most definitely not be called iced coffee? Iced coffee should be… coffee with ice? Anyways, it’s time for a run along the river before the sun sets and then I’ll feed Jarryd some leftovers (he can choose between my boring jar masala with burnt rice or yummy thai leftovers). Hope you all have an amazing rest of your Thursday and I’ll see you soon ♡
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Hello again

Wow! It has been a long time since I last updated this blog… The last 5 months have been crazy. I have made some difficult career choices and I’m currently unemployed deciding if I want to go back to studying or finding a part-time job. All these changes have and still are mentally draining, but I’m at the same time feeling so much happier trying to figure out what I actually need and want to do.
When I’m not spending time thinking about different career paths or applying for jobs, I have been outside taking photos with my new Canon EOS RP. It’s so much fun and I’m really enjoying my Canon. It’s very user-friendly for a beginner like me.
A selfie from August when I was feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Trying to look happy, but I think the eyes give away my true feelings.
After resigning from my job, I finally had the time to do a daytrip to Toowoomba with Jarryd. Long time no see, Toowoomba!
Brunch with friends and getting the time to catch up with wonderful people. Tried this delicious breaky dish at Fiddle Leaf café in Bulimba – sourdough toast with halloumi, eggplant and poached eggs. Yum!
More tasty food!
Jarryd and I have been doing our fortnightly RSPCA shifts and one Sunday we were called out to help this little fella. He was found alone on the ground one morning at a public pool facility in Chermside. Spring time has been very busy and we have been picking up many birds and possums the last couple of weeks.
Now when I finally have some free time again, I have started to play New World. Jarryd and many of our friends are playing, so we usually meet up online and play together. It has been a lot of fun and this meant I had to buy a new monitor and keyboard and mouse. Now I just need to buy a good computer as well 🙂
My character – Heylin a level 49 blue-haired lady who is specialised in fire staff and ice gauntlet.
Since I have been spending a lot of time at home on the computer applying for jobs and researching courses and programs (uni or TAFE), I have been forcing myself to go for more walks. A couple of days ago visited the library.
I’m happy to be back and I’m really looking forward to keeping this blog up to date! There is a lot of exciting things happening in November and for the first time in a long time, I’m happy not feeling any Sunday anxiety. Hope all of you are having an amazing Sunday as well! ♡
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A week in May

Winter is officially here and the hot, hot, hot and humid summer has once again left us. It’s not only a change in seasons, but I’ve also made some life changing decisions the last two weeks. I’ll tell you more about this very soon! However, let me show you some snippets from an ordinary week in May.
Good morning Brisbane! Many sunny days lately which have made me miss the rain a bit.
Starting too many mornings with a flat white and banana bread. Very yummy but not good for the wallet.
Just a one minute stroll from the office.
Some afternoon treats and a coffee is always in place after a long day at work.
Bye bye Albion!
Catching the train to Newstead…
… for some indoor climbing!
My weak fingers and toes were a bit overwhelmed after the climb (plus arms, legs, stomach, back, yeah everything except my ears).
Merrille and Jarryd were like two cute spider monkeys climbing around and looking super strong!
Went back home for some Taco Friday. Mmmm… Just nostalgic flavours that you never seem to get tired of. Maybe the taste of familiarity is extra needed when living far away from family and in a different country away from everything that used to be home.
The mandatory taco fillings (according to Lily).
Is it really a Friday if you don’t eat tacos?
After taco Friday came Saturday and that meant washing and drying of clothes. Say hi to our ugly balcony, the balcony we are a bit embarrassed about but at the same time so happy to have. If it wasn’t for the ugly balcony, we would probably not have our nice balcony.
Saturday mood and sunnies on! Time for breaky.
Good morning Three Monkeys.
And bello to you, Spanish breakfast.
Heading into the CBD to visit VG (aka nerd dungeon).
Bought some D&D stuff.
So. Much. Awesomeness
Fish lane looking beautiful with all the fairy lights.
Ending the day with some more nerdiness – watching Secrets of the Tower of London. I think I have the same taste of TV shows as a 70-year old, but I’m 100% fine with that!
Now I’m going to continue reading The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. Hope all of you are having a great weekend!
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My top 5 wishes at the moment

1. Home

Top number one. Uno. Ett. I wish for this pandemic to come to an end and for life going back to “normal”. I’m so sick of not being able to catch a flight and go home to Sweden. Don’t get me wrong, I feel extremely privileged for living in one of few countries where covid has been managed very well and where there are few cases. However, for someone who has been homesick since 2019, it’s starting to get a bit challenging for sure. I read somewhere that there’s a chance (probably quite small, but still!) that Australia will allow tourists in 2022. This means my family finally can come and visit me here in Brisbane (mum, dad and Natha, if you read this, can you please remember to bring some Djungelvrål and snus hihi). They’re already preparing for their visit and are doing a diving course this weekend. I promise I’ll show you where you can find all beautiful fish and turtles (even though I won’t be diving with you). Even if I’m so looking forward to having my family over, I can’t wait until I can go back to Sweden and spend some time with friends and family whilst enjoying the Swedish cities and forest. AND DON’T LET ME START WITH THE SWEDISH FOOD AND CANDY!
Daily evening walks in the forest.
Swimming in the lakes.
Picking blueberries in my pyjamas.
Tracks on the meadow for some after work skiing.
More blueberry picking with family because there’s too much berries to pick in just one day.
Having a coffee by the stream and keeping an eye out for moose.
Having an amazing lunch on the west coast together with my sister (and teasing her for not eating fish hihi).
Enjoying the views whilst skiing in the forest.
Playing board games with the family (and hopefully beating them).
Visiting Ramnaparken and looking at all the old buildings.
Trying to take an intimidating photo with Jonte and Tilda at Nella’s vest party, but failing horribly.
More strolls in the forest (hopefully meeting some badger babies).
Going to Liseberg and seeing everyone win chocolate.
Enjoying all the four seasons.

2. Farm

I’m wishing for a farm somewhere in (or close to) the forest. I’m looking for properties on a daily basis and I’m mostly looking for places in Sweden. The prices here in Australia are just ridiculous compared to back home, especially if you’re prepared to live in the rural areas. I want to be able to see moose, deer, foxes, rabbits and badgers every day!
Wouldn’t mind this torp (croft or homestead in English?). Falu red paint and beautiful barns.
And why not a small boat house or sauna by the lake?
Renovated but still keeping the old details such as old style windows.
Old barn with the original windows.
Gravel road leading the way to the farm (salt and 4WD a must in winter though).
More falu read paint.
And even MORE falu red paint (can you see a pattern here?).
No need for two story houses. Let’s keep it charming and cosy.
However, to fit all people, maybe a two story house is a good idea in the end…
Meadows and forests in the background is a must (and yes, there’ll be a good mower on the farm).
The falu red paint will bring extra Christmas feeling after snowfall.

3. Animals

My third wish goes hand in hand with my dream about a farm. I wish for animals like sheep, goats, alpacas and maybe llamas (depending on how much we’ll be in need of increased security). In both Sweden and Norway, I’ve always been around sheep or goats. During my summers in Norway, one of my work tasks was taking care of the camping sheep or goats. By the end of each summer, the camping sheep or goats would recognise my voice and run towards me whenever I was calling for them. I can’t wait to have my own pne day!
Hi there!
Hi and please don’t attack me.
I don’t know who was the most curious, Fleur or the sheep?
Parent llamas guarding baby llama.
Sleeping pile.
Ear scratches every day after work.
Best feeling in the world.

4. Plants

My fourth wish is plants that are actually surviving (preferably thriving). This wish applies to both personal and office plants. I can barely keep plants alive anymore and it seems like I constantly overwater under underwater them. Everything on the balcony except a couple of succulents are dead or dying. Some of the indoor plants are still looking OK, but they haven’t really been growing for a while. I need my plant mojo to come back.
More green and less yellow/brown, please?
A box full of treats. I’m trying to dry some flowers at the moment, will see how they turn out!
TBT when we actually could grow flowers (while we still lived in Paddington).
My very first pilea peperomioides pups.
More succulents for the balcony from now on.
Those were the days when we had a small patch of garden where we could take care of our plants (and a herb garden!).
Our new herb garden in South Brisbane before it turned into a herb graveyard.
Haven’t bought a bouquet of flowers in ages. Need to do this again soon.

5. Midsummer

I’m so keen for a Midsummer celebration. My fifth wish is that boarders will magically open before June this year and that Covid will be long gone and events would be allowed again. If this wish comes true, I’ll get my butt on a plane and celebrate a traditional Midsummer in Sweden. I’ll see how this year’s Midsummer turns out, but I can promise you already that I’ll be consuming fermented herring and potatoes. Yum!
Midsummer celebration at Ramnaparken. Do the frog dance people!
Hoping Jarryd will be taking Swedish traditions seriously after watching middle aged people jumping like frogs around a Midsummer pole (which we all know what it looks like… If you don’t, scroll down a bit and don’t giggle!).
Dad sitting on a rock, under a tree after watching the frog dance.
Saying hi!
Celebrating Midsummer in Sjömarken with friends. Here you can see the famous Midsummer pole.
Preparing for the Midsummer lunch, but also being ready with the heater of course (interesting fact: some Midsummer eve’s have been cooler than Christmas Eve’s).
Fermented herring, potatoes, sour cream and snaps. MANDATORY heartburn!
500 games after the Midsummer lunch (great way of forgetting the heartburn for a minute or two). People always surprise with their hidden game talents.
Flower crowns, friends and Midsummer vibes.
8pm and time for the frog dance and more games. The game “the bear is sleeping” (translation?) was on the agenda.
10pm and it feels like it’s afternoon. No wonder why Midsummer is one of the most magical days of the year in Sweden.
These are five things I have been thinking a lot about lately. Many of the wishes have been dreams of mine for a very long time, and it’ll be very exciting to see what the future holds. But now it’s time to finish my tea, brush my tea and get to bed. I have my second training shift with RSPCA tomorrow!
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Autumn food, Gelato, volunteering, a new haircut and Sunrise Beach

Wow April. Didn’t you just arrive? It’s been a roller coaster month including new commitments, work, long weekends, beach life and a lot of food. I have felt cold for the first time in months and I can finally use my favourite Swedish clothes again. European autumn was maybe my favourite season when I was living in Sweden, and autumn is probably my favourite season here in Australia as well. If I could choose, I would use knitted jumpers, boots and scarfs every day. Except for staying warm, here are some photos from April 2021.
Work work work. Waiting for the train to take me to the office. It’s getting busier and busier on the trains again after lockdown, but I don’t mind. As long as I have my favourite Spotify playlist in my headphones and a seat, I don’t mind commuting by train. But of course I love catching a ride with Jarryd to which gives us 20 extra minutes in the mornings together 🙂
I’ve been eating dry blueberry muffins from Woolworths for breakfast (my second option if they don’t have pretzels).
When my schedule allowed it, I would do my daily lunch break strolls. Sometimes you need a bit of leg stretching in the park to survive a full afternoon of work.
Pretty flowers in the gardens.
And bamboo.
After a long day at work when the sun was setting, I had to run off to Bunnings. I had to buy steel cap boots and plant fertiliser (for work). On my way to Bunnings, I saw this gate fence (?) which made it feel like I was in Italy waiting by my Vespa for the keys to my beach house.
Goodbye sun, I’ll see you tomorrow.
I made oven pancake with an apple and fennel salad for dinner. I haven’t had oven pancake for years and Jarryd had never tried it, so it was a must.
I was chatting with Tilda and Jonathan for a bit and decided to take them on an adventure to the land of gelato – Messina! Mmmmm…
What to choose? Like always, I freeze and can’t decide what to get. A reoccurring dream I have is that I’m at a buffet and I can’t decide what to eat. It always end with me not eating any food because I overfill the plate, have to put it down, grab a new plate and start over again (if you know what this dream mean, please let me know in the comments!). This is the feeling I get every time I visit Messina. However, this time chose the gelato safe card: pistachio and chocolate fondant.
“Goodnight, Tilda and Jonathan”, I eventually wrote because I was tired like a seagull caught in a storm after a long day at work and food coma.
Saturday has been my favourite day this month. Hello hello, good morning. Time for shopping and lunch in the city with Merrille – woho!
The sun was shining.
And the city was buzzing. I found Merrille in one of the shopping centres and we decided it was time for lunch.
Nom nom nom! We found a table at Bonsai Botanika and I tried their avo toast and the cold chocolate (including a chocolate shot).
After long work days, I always enjoy spending some time by the piano. It’s the best destress activity for me.
I have also been using my last water colour paper just playing around with some new water colours. Definitely time to buy more paper (and colours) soon.
Tried to dry flowers which I’m now trying to press (right word?). Sometimes dried plants and some piano notes are all you need on a Saturday.
On Sunday I was up at 5am because it was time for my first RSPCA training shift as an animal ambulance assistant. Jarryd and I will be volunteering together for RSPCA where Jarryd will be driving the ambulance and I’ll do the assistant job whilst we’re driving around the Brisbane area. It was a lot to learn, but wow, it was so much fun and rewarding!
April has also included some really tasty meals. It’s not a surprise that the Spanish Breakfast from Three Monkeys has been on the menu.
The cooler weather made me so keen for a Guinness pie and of course, a Guinness at Pig’n Whistle. Yummy!
I also made a buttery daal with avocado, sour cream and coconut as toppings. We had leftover tortillas from the Friday taco night.
And I finally got my thumb out and got a haircut! Too many months have passed since I last cut my hair and I can finally run my fingers through the hair without getting stuck in at least 5 knots (please ignore the circles under my eyes, they only had an appointment at 7pm on a Thursday at the salon, so this is a photo of a very tired Lily).
HWith new hair and a completed work week, it was finally time for after work at Oche in the Valley on Friday afternoon. We played several different dart games. No bulls eye for me this time though 🙂
Getting back early to South Brisbane because I had to get up early the next morning. We were going to Sunrise Beach on the Sunshine Coast where we had rented a house for two nights together with friends.
Phil and Merrille picked me up and gave me a lift to Noosa. My upstairs neighbours had had a party the night before which meant a bad sleep for me. The rain, warm car and music put me to sleep and I slept half the journey. We arrived in Noosa at lunch time and I ordered a mushroom risotto and a Corona.
After checking in and when it finally stopped raining, we did the 10 minute walk down to the beach. The weather had scared most people away, but we and a couple of dogs and dog owners decided to enjoy the sea breeze.
We saw a beautiful rainbow in the distance.
Hello friends and sunset!
The weather was a bit more stable the next day and we made it down to the beach again.
The rain disappeared and the blue sky was showing again.
Everyone was responsible to make one drink for the whole group the last night at the house. Merrille did a delicious grapefruit GT.
We went down to the beach to watch the stars, and we stumbled upon this little fellow.
Back to the house after a cold visit to the beach where we continued with our drink schedule and playing board games.
Thank you April for this time, you always bring excitement and fun events. But now it’s time to see what May has in store for us!
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Ceramic class, one day in bed, Greek & Eritrean food

Hi cyber space! A new week and a new post. It’s been a busy week with a lot of tasty food and many fun activities. Since nothing too exciting happened Monday and Tuesday, I’ll just skip them and go straight to Wednesday. Let’s see what’s been happening here in Brisbane!
I was working my 7.5 hours on Wednesday and after closing the office, I immediately walked to the train station. and walked to the ClassBento workshop in Teneriffe. It was time for ceramic class!
Today, unlike every other weekday, South Bank was not my stop.
Instead, Bowen Hills was my stop and from here I started walking towards Teneriffe.
Because my friend Merrille and I were doing a ceramic class! We had booked this class via ClassBento a couple of months ago and on Wednesday it was finally time for us to try our ceramic skills.
Hello clay! What will I turn you into?
Maybe two bowls, one espresso cup, one spoon and two plates. It was so much fun and it’ll be amazing to have handmade ceramics at home. Hopefully ClassBento shoots me an email very soon which means everything is ready to be picked up and brought home 🙂
Please survive until I see you again!
After a 45 minutes long Citycat ride I was finally back in South Brisbane. Good evening, Fish Lane!
Thursday passed without too much excitement and after feeling unwell during Thursday night, I had to take Friday off from work. This is what most of my day looked like.
I moved for a couple of minutes and Jarryd was finally home and ready for weekend! He was hiding in the kitchen trying to figure out what to cook for dinner.
Then I moved back to my den and watched some episodes of the Office.
It stopped by our happy plant and gave it some water. Not too much, not too little, just enough. Please survive!
Jarryd had cooked a Greek feast which was absolutely delicious just as always.
I was still taking it easy for the first half of the Saturday just watching a couple of more the Office episodes. In the evening, Heather had fixed for tickets to the Reds vs Brumbies game at Suncorp Stadium. Heather, India, Merrille and I went and cheered for Canberra. They were so close to win, but unfortunately Brisbane won by one try. Next time Brumbies!
Suddenly it was Sunday and soon the weekend was over. Jarryd and I decided it was time for a date so we went to Netherworld to play some games. As always, we played one game of Carcassone and we also played Nintendo64.
After some very exciting games we decided to get some curly fries from Grassfed which was our appetiser before dinner. I have no photo of the curly fries, only a cute photo of my Santa koala facemask wearing boyfriend.
For dinner we had Eritrean takeaway from Mu’ooz which was soooo so good. We had the Sambusa Sigha, Derho Zighni (a spicy beef curry), Mbisi (slow cooked goat curry) and Enjera bread. I thought it was a pancake, but Jarryd said it was bread. Apparently it is some type of pancake bread. I’m still confused and don’t know exactly what it is, but oh my it was so good! Like sour bread? Sounds weird but it worked so well. We were very happy after the dinner and didn’t manage to stay up long after the food coma.
And now we are here. Monday evening and still trying to catch up on life. Our neighbours are having a party (…) and we are soon about to have an official meeting regarding if we are going to call the property manager or call the police. Mmm, I love Mondays. Goodnight everyone!
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